EID at Flywire

Gary Cunningham
十月 4, 2022
Gary Cunningham
is Chief People Officer at Flywire.

At Flywire, we’re on a journey to becoming a more equitable, inclusive and diverse workplace. We enable our customers and payers to navigate today’s globalized world without borders and we are committed to creating an equally boundless employee experience for our global community of FlyMates and striving for equitable outcomes.

We recently established the Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) Center of Expertise with the mission to better serve our diverse, global community of FlyMates where they live and work. We’ll deliver inclusive and compelling experiences that engage and care for FlyMates and distinguish Flywire as a global employer of choice.

This mission is closely tied to the vision of our People Team to ensure equity, inclusion, and diversity are integrated across our people programs and processes along a FlyMate's journey.

Our aim is to advance Flywire’s EID ideals to build a more inclusive culture by creating ‘safe spaces’ for FlyMates to lean into their own and their families well-being, learn and grow as a global community and give back where they live and work. We want to empower FlyMates to build the career of a lifetime and build community around the globe.

Why Equity, Inclusion and then Diversity?

The truth of the matter is, we can bring diverse people together and extend our efforts toward increasing representation, but that alone does nothing to cultivate inclusion, belonging, or equal access to opportunities.

Our goal is that all FlyMates feel seen, heard and counted. To do this effectively, we must focus on expanding the conditions for diversity to thrive. This means shifting our focus from diversity to putting equity first.

It’s looking at everything from our policies to the perks that we offer to meet the unique needs of the individual FlyMate and their families. It’s about engaging with diverse communities and causes around the globe, and doing our part to inspire purpose and promote access and opportunity for all.

That is the change we’re making.

We’re still in the early stages of our journey. Our People Team is partnering closely with our FlyMate-led committee, which aims to bring our EID to life at Flywire.

FlyMates First contributions include collaborating with internal teams to educate FlyMates on allyship and rolling out employee resource groups, which have been a cornerstone for engagement.

As a business we realized we must build upon these efforts and invest in a formal strategy to realize the workplace that we aspire to be.

Stay tuned for a second blog following up on how we’re bringing EID to life at Flywire.

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