Flywire values

“With the right people, culture, and values, you can accomplish great things.”
Brene Brown, Research Professor + Author

At Flywire, our culture was created through shared experiences and sacrifices along our Journey. In the early days, we weren’t sure if the business would succeed. Once it was evident we had a successful & high-growth company, the pressure was on to not mess it up! In 2015, we introduced our first culture provide clarity on what our culture code was about. Over time, we have revisited and evolved and added to information about Flywire’s culture to provide more detail and clarity to FlyMates.

At Flywire, we commit to encourage and reward behaviors that are consistent with our culture. Additionally we must all callout, reject and hold each other accountable when behaviors do not support the culture we aspire to. We should remember that no one is perfect, and we all have a lot to learn, and we are here to support one another.

As we continue to grow and expand, our culture will evolve, but the foundation that makes the Flywire journey special should always remain and guide us.

Mike Massaro
CEO Flywire

We define our values by the virtues and behaviors that shape them.
These values guide us in all that we do, in hiring, performance, and day-to-day interactions with both FlyMates and our customers.

Global Collaboration

We believe in teamwork. Together we are greater than the sum of individual FlyMates, across experience, location and position. We seek to understand and embrace everyone’s uniqueness, and leverage the power of our FlyMates and customers’ cultural differences and perspectives to create magic.


We never compromise on integrity, honesty, and kindness. We believe in staying true to oneself, being courageous enough to share your voice and humble enough to admit when you are wrong. Above all, we are straight shooters who encourage both giving and receiving feedback.