Enhance A/R workflows and digitize cross-border payments

Eliminate your international receivables challenges with a global payment platform that allows your international customers to pay in their currency and method of choice.

Ease cross-border receivables collection by offering digital, local payment options and automated payments reconciliation

With Flywire’s B2B cross-border payment solution, your team can reduce the number of global bank accounts, offload FX risk, decrease processing fees, and time spent reconciling international invoices. By taking advantage of Flywire's global payment network your team can enter new markets - or support current ones - with ease. Your customers enjoy a localized, compliant payment experience and around-the-clock support.

Integrate cross-border receivables with your ERP

ERP software often lacks functionality to handle payments processing and global receivables – forcing work outside the system and undermining an ERP strategy to begin with. Make the system work harder for you and become a fully realized single source of truth by integrating Flywire’s payment platform and vertical-specific functionality.

Flywire integrates with most major ERP systems, as well as invoicing and accounting software, to digitize payments processes and automate reconciliation within the system of choice.

  • Enable collections directly from ERP-generated invoices
  • Receive reconciled payment information in your ERP instance
  • Save time on manual processing and collection

Learn how Basis Technologies eases cross-border and domestic payments with Flywire and NetSuite.

Payment Experience

Delight your customers with a seamless, familiar and easy payments experience

  • Integrate the Flywire payment options directly into your existing invoicing workflow
  • Provide your payer with an online payment experience, maintaining your branding, that includes their preferred language, currency and payment type, while FX conversion is automated
  • Turnkey payment options powered behind-the-scenes by Flywire’s proprietary Global Payment Network
  • Payments are automatically applied to open invoices in your ERP or accounting system

Flywire Dashboard

Track and reconcile all incoming payments

  • Gain visibility into all payment flows, regardless of payment method, accompanied by payment statuses to keep track when payments will be received
  • Automatically reconcile all invoice payments into your ERP or accounting system
  • Access an array of reports to gain insights on your international payment flows, such as volume by country or late invoice payments

Flywire built the network so you don’t have to

Focus on what you do best while you leverage a global payment network that’s fully compliant and regulated. Our network has been built over the past decade, and includes banks and payment providers from all around the world. Flywire's global payments team of trusted experts ensures our network is fully compliant on a global, regional, and local scope–even in the most challenging regions across the world.

  • Receive payments in 240+ countries and 140 currencies
  • Offer clients payment options in local currencies without opening unnecessary bank accounts
  • Enter new markets and expand current markets with ease using Flywire's global network
  • Bypass compliance and managements costs establishing a global payments network on your own
  • Provide payment options your clients use the most to get paid faster

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