Create, manage and track a robust online marketplace of stores where students, alumni and others can securely purchase goods and services as well as register for events.

Flywire’s eStore is a powerful and robust all-in-one online shopping cart and event registration platform that is easy for institutions to set up and manage, scaling to support an unlimited number of users, departments and groups across campus. As part of Flywire’s student financial software solution, eStore allows you to sell and securely process payments for a range of items and events offered by your organization.

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Backed by a seamless and secure checkout experience, Flywire’s eStore enables your institution to:

Quickly create and set up an online marketplace of stores to sell goods and services
Market and customize an unlimited number of items and events by price, type, color, size and more
Easily configure unique user permissions at the group and individual level
Brand each store to match institution color and style guidelines
Offer shoppers a choice of secure payment options at checkout
Track and report on your marketplace as needed – holistically or by each store

Simplify your online marketplace

Can you easily sell goods and services, and process event registrations online?

As an all-in-one shopping cart and event registration platform, Flywire’s eStore enables you to easily sell, manage and track items and events to drive additional revenue. New stores can be set up in minutes, and shoppers are able to purchase goods and services as well as register for events within a single checkout experience.

Can department admins seamlessly manage specific stores?

Easy-to-configure eStore permissions allow users, departments and groups to manage inventory, pricing and promotions of specific stores. Admins can quickly market and customize an unlimited number of items and events by price, type, color, size and more. In addition, complex products with multiple add-ons and options can easily be rolled into one purchase price.

Are you able to securely process and reconcile online store payments?

Processed behind a secure checkout experience, all eStore purchases are PCI-compliant and, coupled with Flywire’s Education Payments, allow you to partner with one solution provider to manage all of your campus payments -- from tuition to goods and services. eStore also allows you to centralize product and event purchases across campus as well as provides a method for easy purchase reconciliation and posting to your institution’s financial ERP system.

Want to provide a better purchase experience for students, alumni and others?

eStore is modern, intuitive and mobile-friendly, so students, alumni and others can browse and shop across devices with ease. Backed by a secure checkout experience, shoppers can pay with their preferred payment method and be assured all payment information is safeguarded. Additionally, designed to match the look and feel of your institution’s website, eStore shoppers feel confident they are making a reputable purchase.

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