Adventure Travelers Eager to Come Back

七月 28, 2020

Optimism continues to abound in the travel industry despite a bleak financial outlook currently and it is especially so for the adventure traveler.

On the whole, 93 percent of people surveyed by Flywire believed that the travel industry will survive the pandemic. Sixty-nine percent will travel again when the coronavirus is over, and 74 percent of people are thinking about where to go when they can travel again.

Adventure travelers, in particular, are looking forward to their next trips. They are one-third more likely than non-adventure travelers to say they'll travel again as soon as possible and, according to the Flywire survey, 46 percent of those who traveled for adventure in the past year said their first trip post-COVID would be adventure-related.

When planning their first trip after travel resumes, adventure travelers are 60 percent more likely than non-adventure travelers to go somewhere exotic and they are approximately two times as likely to go on active trips, including hiking, skiing, rafting, etc.

Adventure travelers also travel more frequently than other travelers. Around 30 percent are more likely than others to have traveled for pleasure 5 or more times last year.

Flywire's findings reveal, while the travel industry may be down at the moment, it has proven resilient in the past and will show itself to be resilient once again, likely led by those travelers with the most adventurous spirits.