[Client Spotlight] Alpine Luxury Tours

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Client Spotlight: Alpine Luxury Tours
Queenstown, NZ

Alpine Luxury Tours is a luxury travel company that designs trips to show people New Zealand in ways they never thought were possible. If you enjoy pristine locations, luxury experiences, and unforgettable adventures, look no further than Queenstown, NZ and the team Alpine Luxury Tours:

We talked to Lee Saunders, Founder & Head Guide, about what makes Alpine Luxury Tours so special, and how they are responding to the COVID-19 restrictions on travel.

What makes Alpine Luxury Tours unique in the space?
We offer exclusive private luxury locations for guests to visit, from high country stations to private waterfall picnics in locations only accessed via helicopter that has guests leaving speechless. We are all about private luxury experiences that offer various range from private hiking to private winery experiences, private multi day and day tour experiences where the guests get behind the scenes with winemakers and the owners and various locations

We offer itineraries that aren't the run of the mill things you see and do; it's about offering something completely customized and different. We are all about offering the "wow factor" with everything we do and having that VVIP experience to go with it. We show people New Zealand in ways they never thought were possible. Our experienced team of local experts go above and beyond to provide truly unforgettable, luxury experiences.

Family owned and operated; we take pride in luxury and environmental practices above all else. Our bespoke tours regularly see guests take to the skies and the seas in privately chartered helicopters, planes and cruise vessels – each available at a moment's notice.

Because when your trip to Queenstown is an all-access-pass to stunning vistas and adventurous activities, who better to show than people who have called it home for decades?

What’s the best feedback you’ve heard from your guests?
The feedback we get keeps us motivated to keep delivering the experiences we offer, and the feedback is always a good view on what we have delivered, the memories we leave in guests minds is what we do, and we love it.

How many guests do you typically see every year?
We range from 3-4 private trips on average per day of mostly couples and small families. Peak times for us is October – April. The tap was full-on before the COVID-19 hit New Zealand and the world, now it turned off for a few months.

But we are bouncing back with bookings starting to come back for August and September.

Why did you get into the travel industry?
I had a thought one day back in 2011 that there needed to be a market to focus on the premium travelers and to start to offer a kind of experience that others didn’t. It grew from there, and now it is a well-oiled machine offering exclusive experiences in the South Island of New Zealand.

Are you working on any new initiatives to attract and retain customers?
We are currently writing flat out on blog posts, and social media platforms showcasing our amazing landscape to attract the guests back to NZ once this pandemic is over, and we can all start to travel again.

Instagram: @alpineluxurytours
Facebook: Alpine Luxury Tours
LinkedIn: Alpine Luxury Tours

What has been your communication with guests that have booked for the next few months?
Hang in there, we are still here, and you will be able to travel very soon! We have emailed them to postpone their trips until after the virus has passed.

Yu Ai, my Account Manager in Singapore at Flywire, has been very helpful for the guests that we have had to cancel and provide refunds for, and without her, it would be a lot harder, so thank you.

In light of the pandemic, do you plan to invest in any new tools or resources to help recession-proof your business?
Yes, I have currently linked up with a friend who is doing some vigorous marketing posts, etc. on social media platforms to entice the travelers that it's going to be safe to travel to NZ again very soon. Targeting the western markets is key to get the travelers back.

What ways are you keeping the staff connected during this time?
We have morning catch-ups each day on Zoom.

Keeping in contact with agents is key to keeping the brand moving and staying top of their mind once the tap turns back on, and people start to travel again. Industry partners and suppliers are also key to keep good relationships going.

Once the world returns to normal, what are you most looking forward to?
Showcasing our beautiful landscape and hospitality that we have on offer here in Queenstown New Zealand with my local guides.

Talking and meeting new people is vital to our survival. We have made so many new friends along the way, and I have been in touch with these people since the pandemic has started. Keeping everyone’s head up high is key.

If you’d like to learn more about Alpine Luxury Tours, book your post-pandemic travel, or get lost on a virtual escape, please explore https://www.alpineluxurytours.co.nz/

Remember: every day is one day closer to your next adventure!

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