Internal Career Mobility at Flywire - Part 4

Flywire has always been a values-driven company. Fulfillment, authenticity, and global collaboration are just a few of the values we live by, and also how we ensure our FlyMates can build their careers of a lifetime here. For example, every year we do an engagement survey, which provides our FlyMates the opportunity to share things they’d like to experience here. One of the key takeaways from last year’s survey was that many FlyMates want the opportunity to explore new roles and responsibilities while still growing their careers at Flywire.

As a result, Flywire’s leadership team, in collaboration with the People Team, designed #OneFlywire, our internal career mobility program. Through this program, FlyMates have first line of sight into new job opportunities, and the full support of their people managers to explore roles in different departments. This results in dynamic, multifaceted teams that can quickly assemble to solve some of the biggest problems in delivering complex payments all around the world.

Since its launch, we’ve had 61 FlyMates participate in the initiative. We caught up with three of them in an interview below. Be sure to check out part one, part two, and part three of this series as well.

What were you looking for with internal mobility? Was it learning a new skill, using an old one, or learning more about Flywire?

“I was looking for ways to continue to level up in my sales career and further enhance my knowledge of Flywire and our product. This role gives me the opportunity to continue to do just that by working with some of our larger clients in our travel vertical to solve their payments challenges.” - Nathanael Criscuolo is an Enterprise Account Executive working remotely in the U.S. He was previously Account Executive.

“Prior to joining Flywire in June 2021, I spent 9 years working at Western Union Business Solutions as a Key Account Manager in an outbound payments focused role. As much as I had enjoyed my time as an RM both at WUBS and Flywire, I very much felt it was time for me to take on a new challenge. I wanted a role which would allow me to utilise my existing skill set and prior experience, whilst also giving me the opportunity to learn and develop. The Payables Manager role was the perfect mix! I could continue working with clients (which I love!) while embracing a new learning opportunity. It was very appealing!” - Alysha Ayres is a Payables Manager working remotely from the UK. She was previously a Relationship Manager.

“I wanted to continue developing skills at Flywire that would help me grow in my career, and one area where I lacked experience was sales. The internal move threw me right into our B2B sales org while also allowing me to leverage my previous partnerships experience. My team manages our B2B channel partners program and we spend a lot of time selling to prospective partners and clients.” - Aimee Schumaker is the Director, B2B Channel Partnerships working from Boston, MA. She was previously a Director, Payments Strategy & Growth on Global Payments.

How has Flywire helped you grow your career?

“From day one at Flywire I've always felt incredibly supported by my team-- my manager, colleagues and other FlyMates never hesitated to find time for a call or a quick chat over slack to answer my questions or help me with a problem. Flywire gave me the confidence to trust in myself and to do my best work, with the comfort of knowing there's always support when you need it.” - Nathanael Criscuolo is an Enterprise Account Executive

“Since joining Flywire I have had the privilege of working with some amazing FlyMates from across the globe who have helped me grow and develop. I am fortunate to have had Ryan Frere, our EVP & GM of B2B, as my mentor from my early Flywire days. Ryan has been a constant support, encourages me to take on new challenges, and has been an instrumental part of my professional growth. I have also benefited from many Flywire training programmes. ‘Managers Taking Flight’ and the Women of Flywire 'I Am Remarkable' being the two which stand out the most. I now have the amazing Therese Giambona as my manager and have learned so much since I began reporting to her in January. I genuinely learn something new everyday and am excited to progress my career under her guidance and leadership.” - Alysha Ayres is a Payables Manager

“Before Flywire, I was in an operational/reporting role at an investment management company and wanted to pivot into a position that was more closely tied to business strategy and revenue. After a lot of hard work gaining some relevant experience and networking, Flywire took a shot on me and hired me onto the Global Payments team to handle credit card partnerships and strategic revenue growth projects. They then provided the guidance and flexibility that allowed me to succeed in a position that required a very different skill set than I was used to.” - Aimee Schumaker is the Director, B2B Channel Partnerships

Any advice for current FlyMates looking to be part of the program?

“Just to have an open and honest dialogue with your manager and team about where you want to go in your career! Flywire has a culture of wanting to see you succeed and will support your ambitions.” - Nathanael Criscuolo is an Enterprise Account Executive

“I absolutely recommend the One Flywire program to FlyMates looking to develop their careers. Do not hesitate to contact team leads and express your interest. You never know where that might lead and what doors would open for you. In my experience, you will be met with encouragement and support to find the role that is best for you.” - Alysha Ayres is a Payables Manager

“Even if you are content in your role right now, stay curious about what’s out there in the company. Learn what other teams are working on and think about whether it’s something you would enjoy or could help you grow. Dedicate time to developing relationships with people outside of your day-to-day. It’s very difficult to do this in a remote environment and will take extra effort, but Flywire is uniquely good at offering opportunities to have meaningful interactions with colleagues. Participate in official Flywire groups (or start new ones), join coffee chats, or just slack someone and ask them to chat about their role. Network!” - Aimee Schumaker is the Director, B2B Channel Partnerships.

Anything else you would like to share about the One Flywire process?

“It was an incredibly smooth process as far as internal transitions go!” Nathanael Criscuolo is an Enterprise Account Executive

“Everyone involved made the whole process smooth and as stress free as possible. Given the timing of my move from the RM team to Payables, I needed to split my time between the two jobs for a few months. My previous and new managers worked collectively to balance my workload to ensure I wasn't overwhelmed. The People team made sure I was fully supported throughout both the interview and role transition process.” -Alysha Ayres is a Payables Manager

“My colleagues from the Global Payments team and those from my new team, B2B, went above and beyond to make the transition easy and seamless for me. I greatly appreciated their efforts and encourage all teams at Flywire to welcome and support One Flywire. Internal moves keep our FlyMates engaged and give them an opportunity to accelerate growth in their careers within the company, which is hugely beneficial to us all.” -Aimee Schumaker is the Director, B2B Channel Partnerships

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