Internal Career Mobility at Flywire - Part 3

Flywire has always been a values-driven company. Fulfillment, authenticity, and global collaboration are just a few of the values we live by, and also how we ensure our FlyMates can build their careers of a lifetime here. For example, every year we do an engagement survey, which provides our FlyMates the opportunity to share things they’d like to experience here. One of the key takeaways from last year’s survey was that many FlyMates want the opportunity to explore new roles and responsibilities while still growing their careers at Flywire.

As a result, Flywire’s leadership team, in collaboration with the People Team, designed #OneFlywire, our internal career mobility program. Through this program, FlyMates have first line of sight into new job opportunities, and the full support of their people managers to explore roles in different departments. This results in dynamic, multifaceted teams that can quickly assemble to solve some of the biggest problems in delivering complex payments all around the world.

Since its launch, we’ve had 35 FlyMates participate in the initiative. We caught up with two of them in an interview below. Be sure to check out part one and part two of this series as well.

What were you looking for with internal mobility? Was it learning a new skill, using an old one, learning more about Flywire?

“I had wanted to get into product management for a few years, so I always had the Flywire product team on my radar. I loved learning and growing in my previous roles / department, and doing so prepared me well to be able to join the product team and provide value. In talking with product managers in and out of Flywire, I knew a new position in product would help me continue to develop the skills that I want to have for the future while also being able to help the business.” -Jake Pehrson is a Jr. Product Manager working remotely in the U.S. He was previously a Client & Payment Experience Specialist.

“Internal mobility allowed me to shift within the company to a team I was familiar with and where I felt my skill set would be better suited. Within our team I have also brought my knowledge from my former role/team to help better streamline processes across the two teams.” -Chris Duggan is a Cash Management & Treasury Payments Associate working from Boston, MA. He was previously a CMT Refunds Associate.

How has Flywire helped you grow your career?

“My previous manager and role really helped me grow and be prepared for an opportunity in product management. In my previous role in Client and Payment Experience, I tried to learn as much about Flywire as I could through each of my roles. As I learned and helped my team, I worked with my manager in setting personal / career development goals. She knew that I was interested in the product team in the long term, and helped me get involved in projects that were product-related. FlyMates in the product organization were also open and willing to have one-on-one discussions about their career path and provide any tips for learning about product management. They helped me get a sense for what product management at Flywire is like and confirmed my desire to join the team when an opportunity came up. I'm grateful that they opened up this product position to internal candidates, so that I could apply!” -Jake Pehrson is a Jr. Product Manager working remotely in the U.S.

“Flywire has helped me to grow by promoting a culture that encourages mobility where FlyMates may pique an interest from within the company. OneFlywire has enabled me to follow my interests by allowing movement from within.” -Chris Duggan is a Cash Management & Treasury Payments Associate working from Boston, MA.

Any advice for current FlyMates looking to be part of the program?

“I recommend talking to people on the team you are interested in joining. Learn about what they do and how they got to where they are in their career. Doing so will help you know if you really do want to join that team in the future, and it will help them get to know you and see your interest. It may take some time before an opening or the right opportunity comes up, but be patient. If there are skills you may lack, look for small projects you can do or read books / blogs about that type of work so you can be prepared when an opportunity comes your way. I also recommend talking to your manager about your goals and aspirations if you are interested in a different department. Find ways to work together on goals to help you get where you want to go. Find ways to benefit your current team as you learn about others.” -Jake Pehrson is a Jr. Product Manager working remotely in the U.S.

“For FlyMates interested in other teams and/or areas of the company, I encourage them to reach out to fellow FlyMates to learn more and to leverage OneFlywire.” -Chris Duggan is a Cash Management & Treasury Payments Associate working from Boston, MA.

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