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The Flywire Charitable Foundation aims to improve equality, access and affordability for underrepresented individuals and communities.

Our Scholarships

For the 2023 academic year, sixteen total scholarships of $5,000 USD each will be awarded across the following themes:

Social justice

The Social Justice Scholarship honors students who are passionate about addressing systemic inequalities and promoting social justice. As social justice issues, including but not limited to: policing, anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, religious persecution, sexism, racism and sexual violence continue to dominate the world news, the need for significant social justice reform has only increased. These scholarships will be awarded to tomorrow’s leaders who are committed to eradicating racism, violence, systemic biases and other acts of intolerance.

Global health

The Global Health Scholarship recognizes students who are committed to promoting health and wellbeing on a global scale. It aims to support those who are dedicated to addressing health disparities and improving access to healthcare in underprivileged communities. Recipients of this scholarship are expected to use their education and skills to advance the cause of global health and promote healthcare equity. They may also be expected to engage in research and advocacy to address global health challenges and develop innovative solutions to improve health outcomes around the world.

Global citizenship

The Global Citizenship Scholarship recognizes students who are committed to promoting global citizenship and cultural understanding around the world. As global conflicts have escalated across the world stage, it’s important now more than ever to elevate humanity when addressing challenges across social, political, and economic issues. Scholarships in this category will be awarded to students who work to break down cultural barriers and promote mutual respect and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds in their communities and the world.

Environmental sustainability

The Environmental Sustainability scholarship recognizes students who work to protect the environment and pioneer sustainability initiatives. The most critical resource that we have is a healthy planet, yet the ongoing threats to environmental health continue to endanger our livelihood. Scholarships in this category will be awarded to students who are actively working to reduce the environmental impact of human-made activities and preserving Earth’s natural resources all future generations.


PLEASE NOTE: The 2023 eligibility criteria has changed from previous years. Please review the below information carefully to determine if you are eligible to apply for the 2023 application cycle.


  • Applications open on Monday, May 1st, 2023 at 9:00 AM UTC.
  • Applications MUST be submitted by Friday, June 2nd, 2023 at 11:59 PM UTC. Please note that any applications submitted after this point will not be accepted or reviewed.
  • Winners will be notified via the email provided by Friday, July 21st.
  • Scholarship funds will be distributed directly to your institution shortly thereafter.

The 2023 application period for the Flywire Scholarship Program has closed.

Thank you to all who applied! Please check back in Spring of 2024 for next year's application information.

Winners will be notified by Friday, July 21st.

Please note: if you did not receive an email notifying you that you are a winner, you were not selected for this year's scholarship.

Congratulations to all of our past winners!

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