3 Easy Tactics To Manage The Yelpification Of Healthcare

Imagine you want to try a new restaurant on a Saturday night. Where’s the first place you’d go to get ideas? For most people, it’s Yelp. Yelp is home to over 148 million reviews for businesses in the service industry. And now, that includes healthcare. More frequently, patients are using Yelp to pick a healthcare provider. The trend: patients trust the opinions of other patients. Keep reading to discover three effective ways to manage the yelpification of your services.

Understand what information matters to patients (and why).

According to Online Physician Reviews, patients are using online review sites, primarily Yelp, to discover the following: staff (are they friendly? professional?), communication (bedside manner, check-in process), access to doctors (punctuality, simple scheduling), and facilities (does the waiting room have enough seating? Are the facilities clean?).

Knowing what matters most to patients highlights what your hospital should focus on. In order to receive high reviews for your services, patients need to see if specific medical services meet their personal needs. The values that rank the highest for patients are the amount of information provided, helpfulness, and punctuality.

Research technology that will improve patient care.

Because Yelp is all about the “consumer” (aka the patient), your priority (in order to receive high ratings) also needs to be the patient. Simplee provides a win-win solution for both your bottom line and for your patients.

As the leading platform for patient financial care, Simplee provides patients with a personalized experience in how they pay for healthcare. One of patients’ top concerns is transparency so solutions like Simplee break down medical services and describe exactly what the patient is paying for while garnering direct feedback from the patient in the process.

With the Simplee platform, providers know instantly what is and isn’t working for their patients. Patient feedback is incorporated into the Simplee platform routinely making it a responsive hub for revenue cycle management.

Bonus – Simplee uses advance AI technology to provide patients affordable payment plans so that hospitals can collect a higher percentage of revenue. Using Simplee, providers have experienced five times their return on investment. Plus, over 80% of patients are very satisfied with hospitals that have implemented Simplee’s platform. (See? Win-win.)

Feature positive reviews on your hospital’s website.

Positive online reviews of any kind serve as an influence for patients. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 83% of people who read online reviews state those reviews directly influence their choice of healthcare providers.

By embracing this yelpification of healthcare, doctors and other medical professionals can increase their online exposure by encouraging patients to provide feedback or leave online reviews. The more reviews you have, the higher your credibility.


As healthcare’s presence shifts online, patient satisfaction is key to provider’s on-going success. Patients desire greater transparency and efficiency, and Simplee is the best-in-class software to transform patient financial care. (And to help get you even more positive reviews.)