Delivering valuable experiences: three ways to ensure success at every step of the support journey

Jon Stamper
Jon Stamper
is Director of Client & Payment Experience at Flywire

Success is attributed to positive experiences. As an organization that prides itself on being experience centric, we believe adding value in the moment for current and future users is what takes traditional ‘support’ functions to the next level.

In a recent blog about their ‘Customer Experience Trends Report, 2020’, Zendesk states that there are a few stand-out support elements that are essential. These include:

  • Practicing empathy through approach, contact channel options and using feedback to continually improve.
    “42% of customers say that 24x7, real-time support is vital—companies should meet their customers where they are, so they can connect however and whenever they want.”
  • Showing that user experience matters throughout the business.
    “Companies with great customer service show that the customer experience matters across the organization, at every step of the customer journey.”

Flywire is the Trusted Choice for millions of students and thousands of institutions around the world becausee stand by these practices. Optimising the experience of payers and institutions that trust us with their global payment processing is core to everything we do at Flywire. Here are just three of the ways we live our vision every day to ensure we deliver valuable support experiences:

1. Multilingual support: Personalising the experience with localised content experts

Flywire’s global payment experience team is distributed across five countries (China, Japan, Singapore, Spain, USA) worldwide to provide payers with localized support in 19 languages alongside country-specific expertise. Each member of our team focuses on a specific regional market or language to deliver a unique, personalised support experience to payers regardless of location. With payment methods varying by country and many requiring specific document collection and additional payer details, it’s important for our team to be localized content experts.

This expertise is also a key contributor to the shape of our solution roadmap, providing product development with quantitative insights through case management data as well as qualitative feedback generated from speaking with payers and truly understanding their needs. This could be as small as how best to present an account number to a Swedish payer all the way up to reducing the processing times of payments from countries requiring additional KYC verification.

2. Proactive engagement: Adding human touch to digital transactions

We recently explored how our team could proactively do more for clients and payers worldwide to help further optimise the payment experience. We thought about ways to enhance self service and took steps to increase the options that a user has when paying through us. Now if a payer appears unsure, we immediately engage in real time using chat messaging to “talk” through the situation and address their questions. Our proactive messages, localised to the payer, are triggered by user events that suggest that they may need assistance with their transaction. This, in the end, enables us to form stronger relationships with payers by coupling technology with timely, human touch.

3. Collaborative results: Working together to drive success

Despite the process of global payments presenting many regional requirements, Flywire strives to make it as easy as possible for payers to make and track fund transfers regardless of their location worldwide. From online chat to email and phone, our payment experience experts are available every step of the way to lend a hand.

This is especially important in special circumstances. Our team works closely with payers and clients to resolve even the most challenging international banking issues. For instance, despite advanced matching processes that automatically identify funds, some payments may require a little more investigation. In these unique instances, Flywire has you covered! By collaborating together to drive success, we pride ourselves on successfully transferring funds from payer to client without friction.

But, don’t take our word, see for yourself why Flywire is the trusted choice when it comes to our industry expertise, solution innovation and proven global payment network. Explore our interactive map and discover how payers around the globe experience the difference with Flywire.