Payment Process Transformation: Reimagining the role of Finance in the student journey

In 2023, UK higher education finance teams are facing significant internal and external challenges as well as some fundamental shifts in the wider international education landscape. While some of these are positive, providing opportunities for growth, not getting ahead of others has the potential to cause operational inefficiency, spiralling costs and frustration for students and staff.

In this report, based on the findings of the sixth year of research by Flywire (and formerly WPM), we seek to give an understanding of the current attitudes and behaviours of international students towards making payments for their tuition fees, and how that has changed compared to the findings of the research in previous years.

Read the report to discover:

  • Why there is a disconnect between how international students actually make payments and how they want to, and what drives a bad payment experience
  • How disjointed communications during the student journey can create uncertainty and confusion about how to make payments
  • The importance of breaking down silos, creating alignment and using system integration to create a seamless payment process

Read the report

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