At Flywire, we believe our FlyMates (Flywire employees) are our greatest asset. We continue to invest in their overall success by offering the best possible work environment for them - and that starts with giving FlyMates and their families flexibility and choice on where they prefer to work. Flywire has always embraced a hybrid workplace - what we call FlyBrid - given the global nature of our business.

With more than 1,100+ employees spread out across 12 global offices and remote locations, FlyMates have always been adept at managing multiple time zones and working styles. Some prefer to work entirely in the office, others prefer a hybrid schedule, while some choose to work fully remote.

Flywire has a history of volunteerism and giving back to its local communities. We offer employees paid volunteer days and encourage employees to get together virtually and physically, when possible, to continue that while also providing an important outlet for mental wellness. We also encourage employees to take mental health days and disconnect completely from their work.

At Flywire, we want FlyMates to build their career of a lifetime at Flywire and we provide them with as many resources as needed to achieve that.

Below you’ll find videos of six FlyMates speaking about our different benefits including our career mobility program, paid time off, remote work, and office culture.