Bringing our EID ideals to life at Flywire

It is through our Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) guiding principle, which is to better serve our diverse, global community of FlyMates where they live and work, that we bring our EID ideals to life.

This year has been about paving the way for our broader EID goals to take flight. We’ve divided the work to be done into three core workstreams to help get us there.

Charting our path forward

Our annual Engagement Survey helps us track how we’re doing across the globe with our FlyMates and features questions on inclusion to measure our efforts. We’re priming our EID data collection capabilities to better monitor and understand where we’re making strides with our diverse FlyMate populations and where we have opportunity to improve.

Learning & living EID together

To promote equitable outcomes for all FlyMates, we must be willing to develop and grow together as a community. To foster shared understanding, we’re launching anti-racism training in the Americas. Our goal is to support FlyMates with starting their own personal EID learning journeys and developing awareness of others' lived experiences.

We’re also leaning into the strength of our people managers to help guide us. We’ve begun piloting inclusive leadership content in Manager’s Taking Flight, with the goal of demonstrating how leadership will be critical to our success in becoming a more equitable and inclusive organization.

Building an inclusive FlyMate community

When we talk about building an inclusive community, it’s about connecting our FlyMates, their families and the communities where they live and work around the globe. To support long-range success, we are focused on EID’s connectivity to our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts, which are inherent to how we operate, both internally and externally.

One early initiative is continuing to develop our employee resource group (ERG) landscape,and putting the support in place to expand ERGs from internal resources to being able to have significant impacts in the external community. This includes aligning ourselves with initiatives and nonprofit groups that uplift underserved or historically marginalized populations to ensure we are giving back to the diverse communities we service all over the world.

We’re excited about the journey ahead of us. We look forward to continuing to count on our global community of FlyMates to live our Flywire values, from the way we treat each other, to how we lead, to advancing equitable outcomes, fostering inclusion and cultivating diversity.

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