Healthcare Billing: Turning A Stressor Into A Source Of Satisfaction For Patients

“I am so stressed out.”
-Nearly everyone at some point

In a time of great division, feeling the impact of stress is unfortunately one of the few common experiences many of us share. Stress impacts our personal relationships, drives $300M in lost worker productivity and is a significant contributor to more serious health problems.

It is also a sad reality that our healthcare system is becoming a leading cause of stress. 6 in 10 Americans say healthcare costs are a major stress for them, second only to money.

There’s plenty of evidence about what’s broken in our current healthcare system, and many of the problems can be addressed in the financial experience a patient has with their provider.

Three of the leading problems:

  • Patients don’t know what they will owe.
  • When the bills arrive, they are confusing.
  • Once patients can decipher the bills, they can’t figure out how they will afford them.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Done right, the patient financial experience can be turned from a stress inducer to a source of satisfaction and loyalty. As a whole, healthcare billing offices are given mediocre marks from patients, with a net promoter score of 23. Hospitals using the Simplee platform to drive their patient financial experience achieve net promoter scores of 42, nearly double the healthcare average.

Simplee matches patients’ needs, starting at pre-service. As a strategic partner, we work with healthcare providers to extend care excellence through the revenue cycle. To transform your patients’ financial experience and start reducing stress,, contact Simplee today.