Flywire accelerates the digitization of payments to address the challenges around patient engagement and healthcare affordability.

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Humanizing the patient payment experience

Flywire's industry expertise, gathered by working with hundreds of health systems, ensures our customers' success. Flywire's solution addresses the major issues facing today’s revenue cycle executives:

Presenting a consolidated bill

Present one bill and one balance across multiple accounts and entities, with a patient-friendly billing 2.0 experience.

Identifying patient financial needs

Leverage analytics to segment patient accounts and identify ability to pay.

Engaging patients with self-service payment plan offers

View and activate payment plan offers on pre-service estimates and post-service balances with automated roll-up of new services.

Managing flexible cash posting and funds allocation

Advanced payment management seamlessly allocates funds accurately and automatically across multiple accounts and entities.

Addressing cross-border payment challenges

Simplify the payment experience for international patients with Flywire’s full-service, cross-border payment solution.

Ensuring payment security

Securely capture, transmit, and store payment card data outside your network to reduce risk and lower PCI scope with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE).

Simplifying the complex

Simplify the patient experience in a complex healthcare billing environment with seamless, proven integration to match workflows native to the host EMR systems.

One balance. One bill. One affordable payment.

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What others have experienced

26%Reduction in early-out/financing placements
15%Increase in cash collections
40%Reduction in billing-related phone calls
71%Self-activated payment plans
77%Reduction in time to process international refunds
Healthcare patient benefit

Why your patients will love it too

Clarity on balances owed
Affordable payment options and flexible terms
Accounts consolidated onto a single statement
Online and offline self-service, including international service

Automatically offering tailored payment plan terms makes our operations more efficient and allows patients to roll multiple balances into their current payment plan without uncomfortable and time-consuming calls. Flywire’s P2PE solution is a critical component in securely capturing card data across our organization.

When we asked ourselves, 'if we were the patient, what would we want?'—the answer was that we would like to have all the options people experience in other areas of their life. With Flywire, we are reducing the fear that some patients experience when they get a bill. They know they have options customized to the individual patient and family, allowing them to make payments on terms they can afford.

It’s now a lot easier from a collections standpoint. We’re not limited to business hours. Previously, the finance team would call the patient to get the payment information, then call another department to process the payment, which would frequently get put on hold. Flywire eliminates all this time-consuming communication.

By automatically offering tailored payment plan terms and self-service activation, patients don’t have to call and ask for a plan. This provides a great patient experience, while making our operations more efficient. And with the increase in credit card payments, Flywire’s integrated payment solution allows us to securely capture, store, and process card data across our organization.

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