Driving Education Innovation in Australia

[On Demand Webinar]

An exclusive panel discussion with industry leaders on digital trends and strategies driving education innovation in Australia.

During this informative hour, we discuss hot topics that showcase how digital innovation enables institutions to simplify the payments process and optimize the student experience. Learn more about current international student trends across the value chain and student-centric recovery strategies from our esteemed panel of speakers. Discover how education institutions and recruitment agents have pivoted to embrace technology, platform collaboration, and digital payments to shape the future amidst massive challenges facing today's Australian sector.

Host & Moderator:
Devon Wong - Regional Director - Client Relationship Management, Flywire, APAC

Guest Speakers:
Mark Lucas - Chair, International Student Education Agent Association and Co-Founder of IAE Global
Olivia Barnes - Regional Head Onshore, UTS College
Rongyu Li - Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice President (External Engagement), University of Queensland
Sean Yue - Global Payments & Partnerships Lead, APAC, Flywire

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