Payment security resources for complex industries

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Compliance with regulatory mandates and industry security standards is critical to keeping your organization safe and your customers protected. Regardless of industry, effective processes for data handling, fraud detection, and mitigation of security risks will help you build trust while ultimately saving time and money. At Flywire, we are focused on enabling seamless, secure transactions for clients around the world - and we've gained a lot of knowledge along the way.

Below you'll find resources to help you navigate common security challenges, including those specific to education, healthcare, B2B, and travel.

Your security and compliance tool kit

Join the Flywire security team for a nuts-and-bolts discussion on customer data security, privacy and compliance, including ADA, GDPR, FERPA, PIPEDA, and other federal, state, and local data protection laws.

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Top payment security priorities for higher ed institutions

Higher education is unfortunately a common target for payment fraud. When choosing a payment provider, it's critical to ensure your institution and students are protected by focusing on these high-priority security issues.

Learn how to evaluate digital education payment vendors

Eliminating risk from healthcare’s payment experience

As the use of credit cards to pay healthcare bills surges, maintaining PCI compliance can be challenging and costly, but there are significant penalties and risks for being found non-compliant. In this interview with Dan Arntz, president of U.S. operations at Eckoh, you’ll learn:

  • The keys to removing risk from the payment experience in healthcare
  • Advice on building a secure, seamless patient payment experience

Learn best practices for handling credit card data in healthcare

Protecting Your Business from Cybersecurity and Fraud Risks

Cybersecurity and fraud is a perennial worry for CFOs. With 75% of organizations surveyed by AFP being targets of payments fraud in 2020, it is important to protect your business from cybersecurity risks and fraud. In this report, you'll learn:

  • The average cost of a data breach
  • The most common attack vectors
  • How long it takes to contain a phishing attack

Get advice for protecting your business from fraud

Addressing Travelers’ Payment Security Concerns:

Ensuring best practices for card fees and processes and ensuring security for payments are becoming increasingly important as the travel industry rebounds and expands.

See how Flywire helps travel companies protect their money