[Case Study] How Omaha’s orthopedic leader increased self-service patient payments to 78%, and counting

OrthoNebraska integrated Flywire with its Oracle Health CommunityWorks EHR for streamlined patient billing and payments

As Nebraska's first hospital dedicated to the complete care and treatment of orthopedic patients, OrthoNebraska makes world-class orthopedic care accessible and personalized. Its network of clinics, emergency and orthopedic urgent care services span Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri, providing comprehensive surgical and non-surgical care. This includes imaging, joint replacement, pain management, and physical and occupational therapy.

OrthoNebraska is known for high-quality and cost-effective orthopedic care that accounts for the entire patient journey. But its legacy payment platform was putting up roadblocks to paying for that care.

Helping patients easily understand their financial responsibility

Patients found it challenging to understand their statements and their share of financial responsibility for treatment. What’s more, they lacked online, self-service payment options to fulfill that financial responsibility. This all delayed payment, and resolving payment matters became very time-consuming for staff.

OrthoNebraska offers self-service options, autopay and payment plans

In search of a better patient payment journey, OrthoNebraska went live with Flywire in the Fall of 2023. Early results were clear and significant.

  • Self-service payments increased. 78% of all payments come through patient self-service channels – a number that previously sat close to zero – leading to substantial operational efficiencies. Autopay adoption has also increased – from 8 to now 100+.
  • Staff efficiency improved. Having a single payment provider for all points of collections streamlines workflows and patient communication. 1,200 staff hours have been saved in just months of go-live.
  • Patient satisfaction scores hit 4.5 out of 5 stars. Flywire redesigned patient statements to make them easy to understand, and provides self-service options to pay. Patients are alerted of outstanding bills through multiple channels, and can initiate payment on their preferred one (it’s working: 73% of online payments are driven through an email or text).
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What patients are saying:

“This was very convenient.”

“Extremely easy and quick”

“It is so nice that you have this now.”

Flywire integrated with CommunityWorks on predictable implementation timeline

Flywire is a product partner of Oracle Health, and implementations benefit from prebuilt workflows and extensive shared knowledge. As evidence, OrthoNebraska went live with Flywire in just 14 weeks. The teams defined resources needed for every stage of the implementation up front, with clear but minimal requirements of OrthoNebraska’s staff. Revenue cycle leadership said it was “the best and smoothest implementation they’ve ever done with any of their partners.”

What OrthoNebraska is saying:

Flywire is a one-stop shop for all of our payments. It is very easy to use.

OrthoNebraska billing staff
OrthoNebraska billing staff

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