Responsive payment platform

With Flywire, providers forge a new relationship with patients to transform the financial experience, while significantly improving patient pay performance.
Healthy margins. Happy patients.

Full suite of services

Flywire Health unifies all patient billing and payment services into one fully integrated platform, providing a seamless and connected experience for patients and providers.

Consolidated statements

Present one bill across multiple accounts and entities, with highly-advanced payment posting to automate cash management. Responsive processing tailors content and payment offers to each patient/guarantor to provide an intuitive billing experience (patient-friendly billing 2.0).

Online/mobile billing and payment

Elevate your online financial experience with Flywire’s responsive design that engages patients with segmented content, payment offers, and a simplified user experience. Multi-modal digital communications (i.e., email, text) make it easy for patients to stay connected and avoid missing payments.

Automated payment plans

Settle balances on mutual terms with patients who need payment support. Flywire Health’s intelligent segmenting identifies patients who need help, offers terms they can afford, activates payment plans offline and online, and automatically adjusts for new balances and account changes.

POS payments

View and activate payment plan offers on pre-service estimates, combine with outstanding balances, and negotiate custom plans. Flywire integrates with patient access systems and workflow to manage all payments to drive revenue earlier in the revenue cycle.

Cross-border payments

Simplify the payment experience for international patients with Flywire’s full-service, cross-border payment solution. Improve visibility with incoming payment tracking and identification, expedited refunds, seamless reconciliation, and integration with domestic payments.

Performance analytics and reporting

Track and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) with Flywire’s comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboard and reporting tools. Access the updated status of payment offers, activation rate, dollars collected, average plan length, defaults, etc., and adjust system rules and guidelines.

Payment security and compliance

Securely capture, transmit, and store payment card data outside your network to reduce risk and lower PCI scope with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE). For e-commerce, Flywire’s Secure Checkout integrates seamlessly with existing online/mobile applications (e.g., Epic MyChart) to secure payment card data and optimize PCI scope.

Changing the mindset from billing to offers
Flywire’s platform empowers patients to accept offers based on terms they can afford.
Identify patients who need payment support
Offer the right installment and terms
Self-activate payment plans and pay-in-full with any currency
Drive workflow, consolidate accounts, and adjust balances
With Flywire, more than 70% of patients self-activate pre-approved payment offers.
in cash collections
in billing-related phone calls
payment plans
Built by the creators of healthcare’s first online account management solution with over 30 years of domain experience
“By automatically offering tailored payment plan terms, patients don’t have to call and ask for a plan, which can be uncomfortable and time-consuming for them. This helps make our operations more efficient, while also giving our patients the convenience to roll multiple account balances into their current payment plan. And Flywire’s P2PE solution is a critical component in securely capturing card data across our organization.”
“It’s now a lot easier from a collections standpoint. We’re not limited to business hours. Previously, the finance team would call the patient to get the payment information, then call another department to process the payment, which would frequently get put on hold. Flywire eliminates all this time-consuming communication. ”

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