Here’s to the people putting the patient first.

With Flywire, they engage patients at every stage of their financial journey, increasing both revenue and patient loyalty.

Give patients an experience they deserve, while also getting paid reliably, securely and on time

Flywire connects people, systems and processes, so that your hospital can:

  • Advance healthcare affordability by offering personalized payment plans
  • Extend collection terms beyond 12 months with unique integrated financing options
  • Provide a single platform for in-house and outsourced payment plans
  • Drive better results from engaged patients, who will be 2x more likely to pay in full
  • Decrease staff involvement in patient billing by 30% and free them to focus on more strategic work

With Flywire, hospitals and health systems achieve 269% ROI. You can too.

Meet the real people behind the payment

Heather Schneider

CFO, Penn Highlands Healthcare

Why is Heather a hero?

With Flywire, Heather and her team increased their payment plan adoption by 137% in just 1 month. She’s the reason Penn Highlands received a 4.1 out of 5 stars for patient billing satisfaction!

Learn more about Penn Highlands Healthcare.

Greg Arnold

Senior VP, System Revenue Cycle, Northshore-Edward Elmhurst Health

Why is Greg a hero?

With Flywire, Greg and his team saved 25,500 staff hours in the last 12 months, saw an $11.2 M increase in payments tied to text or email, and generated a 91% increase in self service payments.

Learn more about Northshore-Edward Elmhurst Health.

Joe Koons

Chief Revenue Officer, LifeBridge Health

Why is Joe a hero?

With Flywire, Joe and his team saw a 19.6% decrease in bad debt expense, an increase of over $7 million in digital patient payments, reduced customer service calls and paper statements and is now seeing a consistent 4.4 / 5 in billing satisfaction.

Learn more about LifeBridge Health.

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