Endeavor Health optimizes patients' financial experience using Flywire

Endeavor Health’s Story

$11.2Mincrease in payments tied to text or email
91%patient self-service payments
25,500staff hours saved in last 12 months
  • With the Flywire technology, we were able to use more analytics to drive the best patient experience in terms of what patients may afford and the options they have to satisfy their balance.

    Greg ArnoldSenior VP, System Revenue Cycle, Endeavor Health
  • For me, the ideal patient financial experience has three components- it is convenient, it is transparent, and it is seamless.

    Denise ChamberlainCFO, Endeavor Health
  • When you increase patients' financial options, you’re going to increase their satisfaction...It’s much quicker for our patients to satisfy their balances. 91% of them want a self-service model.

    Greg ArnoldSr. VP, System Revenue Cycle, Endeavor Health
  • [Denise’s] laser focus on creating a better financial experience for her patients has led to a dramatic transformation in the types of consumer-friendly solutions they offer and the ways that they engage patients across their healthcare journey.

    John TalagaEVP, Flywire
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    Endeavor Health set out to transform traditional revenue cycle channels into digital advantages.

    Leverage digital channels to meet patients where they are
    Allow patients to clearly understand their financial obligations after insurance
    One statement across the enterprise to eliminate billing confusion
    Strategic additions to Epic infrastructure focused on optimization
    Multiple payment options for the patient based on their needs and capacity to pay
    Actionable analytics to drive the best patient experience

    The move to digital-first at Endeavor Health

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