Welcome To Flywire

Why We’re Here

Today’s global consumers have the opportunity to live, study, travel and explore around the world. To experience the global life, people need to be able to move money seamlessly, without borders. In today’s digital world, the process should be simple. Instead it’s complicated, especially when the payment amount is significant, and the purpose meaningful. Flywire’s mission is to empower consumers to live the global life, unconstrained by the immobility of their money.

Four years ago, we started helping foreign students from around the world pay their international tuition by offering great value, transparency, and a simple online experience. Today, Flywire is the #1 way foreign students pay for studies at 800 educational institutions across six continents. We’ve built a payment platform that connects institutions on six continents with consumers from around the world.

We’re on a mission to become the global leader in processing large-ticket international payments made by citizens of the world. Wherever money needs to travel, Flywire will get it there.

What We Do

Flywire helps people live globally and pay locally. We process payments on behalf of consumers from 200+ countries and territories, in more than 100 local currencies, to institutions worldwide. Transacting on Flywire.com is convenient, fast, and secure. Our scalable cross-border platform accepts bank transfers, online banking, and credit & debit cards − providing currency conversion at exchange rates that can offer significant savings when compared to rates offered by international banks.

With Flywire, an international payment is never just a transaction. We care for our customers’ money as if it were our own, giving them the peace of mind to focus on life’s journey.

Where We’re Heading

Flywire makes global payments easy, because the journey of life can be complicated. In our first four years, we’ve focused on helping students and families pay for international tuition, room and board around the world. But paying for studies abroad is just the beginning. Today’s consumers have the opportunity to experience the world – choosing to study abroad, seek medical treatment in faraway places, purchase real estate in other countries, and vacation in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Wherever these global citizens go, Flywire will be there too.

The Flywire payment platform will soon be available for international consumers seeking medical treatment at healthcare facilities around the world, beginning at institutions in the U.S. Living globally sometimes means traveling far to receive medical care – and Flywire will be there too.

Flywire strives to connect the world through simple, secure payments, helping support a lifetime of global experiences.

Global money for the global journey