About us

We are a team of doers on a mission to improve the payment experience for everyone.

Flywire Team

What we do

To truly experience life globally, people need to be able to navigate the world without letting borders dictate the way their money moves. Flywire is the world’s money engine, removing boundaries and enabling the global payment and receivables process through seamless transaction experiences and flexible solutions.

We make the complex simple by bringing visibility and convenience into our process while working closely with businesses and organizations to power the global economy.

Our values

We never compromise on integrity, honesty, and kindness. We believe in staying true to yourself and respecting colleagues for doing the same.

Global Collaboration

Communicating across time zones isn’t always easy, but when we communicate openly and earnestly, everyone wins.


We take calculated risks and make smart decisions quickly, because we know progress comes from masterful execution.

Evolved Learning

The importance of actively listening, questioning, challenging, and accepting isn’t lost on us. How we share information enriches our lives.

Ambitious Innovation

We understand there’s always room for improvement. It’s all about thinking, questioning, developing, and changing . . . again and again.


Work energizes and engages you, bringing both personal and professional satisfaction. When you’re fulfilled, challenges are welcomed.

Our team

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