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Flywire’s comprehensive receivables solution delivers on life's most important moments by enabling institutions to seamlessly receive and reconcile payments from anyone, anywhere in the world–at any time.

Simplify your payment process

Education institutions are constantly being asked to do more with less to attract, engage and retain students worldwide. Flywire’s world-class Comprehensive Receivables Solution is the trusted choice that helps institutions efficiently improve the student experience to make the billing, payment, and collections process faster, easier, and more secure.

Backed by Flywire’s powerful global payment network, first-class security and around-the-clock multilingual support, our education products bring innovative, automated technology to every step of your payment process:

Education Payments

Seamlessly receive and reconcile your cross-border and domestic payments from anyone, anywhere in the world—at any time.

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Payment Plans

Offer flexible self-service payment options that make education costs more manageable for your students and their families.

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A/R Collect

Automate your past-due receivables process to proactively collect on more accounts internally, reduce your collection agency placements, and keep more students enrolled.

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Create, manage and track a robust online marketplace of stores where students, alumni and others can securely purchase goods and services as well as register for events.

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Agent Platform

Manage communications and streamline payment tracking and reconciliation for transactions facilitated by third parties such as education agents.

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Provide 1098-T forms to students and authorized users directly from the Flywire platform.

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Additional products include:

  • Secure Checkout: Capture payments easily and securely while reducing your PCI scope to protect your students and your institution.
  • Virtual Terminal: Centralize student billing and non-student account transactions on a single, easy-to-use payment platform.
  • Billing: Review account activity and send actionable reminders that engage students and encourage them to make timely payments.
  • Refunds: Streamline your refunds process with efficient bundling options to ease the return of funds to the original payers when needed.
  • 529 Disbursements: Eliminate paper checks and overnight mail from your 529 disbursement process by enabling digital payments directly to education institutions.

How you can benefit from Flywire’s solution

Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and processes

Improve cash flow and speed reconciliation

Increase student retention with flexible payment options

Proactively collect on accounts and reduce agency placement

The trusted choice of millions of students, thousands of institutions and hundreds of education agents and partners worldwide

  • Flywire to us is a very trusted partner … For the students, it offers a safe way of doing online transactions. The students get great support from Flywire … For us, it really enables us to collect students from all over the world in a safe and timely manner.

  • We really appreciate the dedication Flywire has brought to the industry and our student population.

  • I confronted payment difficulties—until I tried Flywire. It’s more convenient and friendly, and it’s easy to contact customer support. Very nice experience.

  • I usually dread trying to pay my tuition, but your system was the easiest thing ever. I actually enjoyed making a payment.

  • Thank you for always being there to assist with software needs of our university. Your support and relationship mean the world to us. In this day and age, it's impressive to have the level of continued support from a company such as Flywire.

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