Flexible options to optimize the experience

Leverage Flywire’s payment integrations to provide payers with a variety of payment options for the best experience possible.

Flywire Payment Integrations

Flywire offers a number of flexible and customized integration options, so you can tailor the payment experience based on your payers’ needs. Choose the most convenient integration method for your payment experience, giving payers the best option to seamlessly pay through our global payment network.

Each option allows payers to dynamically choose from a variety of payment methods based on transaction details like currency, destination, and country of origin. Select an integration option below to learn more.

Pay by link

Send payers to Flywire’s secure payment experience with a direct link.

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Allow payers to remain on your site with an embedded iframe of the payment experience.

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Payers choose their preferred method and complete the payment in as little as one step with the pop-up checkout option.

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Have full control over the payment experience and how it’s presented to payers with our payments API.

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