Outdated AR processes are holding you back from achieving your growth goals

Reduce DSO and increase the lifetime value of your customers with an AR solution that’s integrated with your workflow and personalized for your customers. Flywire B2B is an all-in-one AR solution that digitizes and streamlines all of your receivables from within a single dashboard while improving your payers’ experience.

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Prepare for future growth with a scalable and auditable AR solution tailored to your workflow
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Convert receivables to cash as quickly as possible to pay your suppliers and employees.


Collect your franchise fees on a regular, dependable schedule to improve cash flow.

Consulting and Professional Services

Increase working capital to protect your business from unexpected liabilities.

Flywire B2B is an all-in-one AR solution to:

Enable growth through customer experience

Amplify your brand, increase customer loyalty, and get paid faster with a smooth and customized payer experience

Provide a single source of truth

Avoid data loss and human error with a single source of truth for all invoice reconciliation within your ERP

Go global

Expand to new countries without establishing local presence by plugging into an existing global payment network

Reduce DSO

Decrease payment friction and get paid faster with user-friendly, automated invoicing

Maintain security and compliance

Reduce the risk of non-compliant regulatory filings with PCI and secure payments

Surface strategic insights

Turn AR data into actionable, strategic insights for the business

Flywire B2B is transparent and incredibly user friendly. Most importantly, we’re saving money and improving our customer experience.

45%Decrease in processing costs
70%Decrease in time for reconciliation
60%Increase in settlement speed

Fast time to value

A positive onboarding experience for you and your customers, the payers, is our top priority. Flywire has a fast and flexible onboarding program to ensure your success.

You’ll see significant savings when you tap into Flywire B2B’s global payment network. Learn how much you can save on international receivables alone in this blog post.

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