Flywire Checkout Experience

The checkout modal pop-up allows the payer to choose their payment method and complete the payment in as little as one step while remaining on your site.

Our checkout option offers the most streamlined payment experience and allows you to maintain complete control of the customer data capture within your site.

Upon completion of the payment, the customer is redirected back to your site with a designated URL.

Integrate the checkout experience into your existing flow with a non-intrusive and intuitive payment process.

Seamless payment experience

Every Flywire payment integration option is designed to provide the best possible customer experience and give you peace of mind with fully PCI-DSS compliant payments.

Offer your customers a range of local payment options and popular payment methods through Flywire’s global payment network

Increase Flywire adoption and retention with a streamlined payment experience

Make it easy for payers to pay in their home currency and enjoy low exchange rates, convenient online payment tracking, and superior support around-the-clock

Securely receive, identify and match payments to speed reconciliation

Real-time notifications can be enabled to allow you to update your back office systems with payment status information

Combine any of our payment integration options to initiate the payment experience from a number of locations (website, ERP, email, invoice, etc.)

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