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By combining solution innovation and our proven global payment network with industry experience, Flywire is the Trusted Choice of thousands of education finance and IT leaders on campuses worldwide.

The Trusted Choice for Education Finance Leaders

From bursars to treasurers to CFOs, finance leaders trust Flywire to maximize efficiency and deliver top-tier services to students. Learn how our education solutions will help you:

  • Improve cash flow and speed reconciliation
  • Provide flexible payment options
  • Proactively collect on accounts
  • Keep more students enrolled

The Trusted Choice for Education IT Leaders

With our commitment to security and ongoing innovation, Flywire helps higher ed CIOs and their IT teams streamline processes to efficiently meet the needs of stakeholders across campus. Learn more about how our education solutions:

  • Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and processes
  • Provide peace of mind when it comes to security and compliance
  • Encourage across-campus collaboration

We invite you to explore our interactive map to see how institutions around the globe experience the difference with Flywire:

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