30,000 students
+ 60 countries
+ 30 currencies
= 1 global payment solution

University of Tennessee Knoxville delivers the right equation by using Flywire to initiate 4X more payment plans that help students stay on course.

Being able to visually see what students see and customize payment options not only speeds our process 10x, but we frequently get thanked because we treat each student like a human being and not just another bill.

The industry’s leading education affordability suite solves all sides of the payment equation.

Flywire brings it all together to help you to do more with less to attract, engage and retain students worldwide

See why our comprehensive receivables solution is the trusted choice for:


Increase cash flow and improve efficiency with a faster, easier, and more secure billing, payment, and collections process.

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Easily and securely pay for education expenses with convenient online payment tracking, superior customer service, and low exchange rates.

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Education Agents

Manage student information, easily remind students when payments are due, and track payments made to institutions through our network.

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Improve operational efficiencies, optimize the payment experience, and drive student satisfaction with Flywire’s community of validated partners.

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The trusted choice of millions of students, thousands of institutions and hundreds of education agents and partners worldwide

We really appreciate the dedication Flywire has brought to the industry and our student population.

We are thrilled to offer Flywire’s payment solution to our students. It offers great benefits to our institution, both in terms of payment reconciliation and student experience.

I confronted payment difficulties—until I tried Flywire. It’s more convenient and friendly, and it’s easy to contact customer support. Very nice experience.

I usually dread trying to pay my tuition, but your system was the easiest thing ever. I actually enjoyed making a payment.

Thank you for always being there to assist with software needs of our university. Your support and relationship mean the world to us. In this day and age, it's impressive to have the level of continued support from a company such as Flywire.

Delivering world-class results

Millionsof transactions from students worldwide
Billionsin payments to thousands of institutions
40%reduction in call volume
50%increase in payment plan enrollment
20%increase in payment collections

Experience the Difference:

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