How remote work benefits companies and employees

Flywire has grown from two offices just ten years ago, to ten offices globally, but the expansion hasn’t stopped there. In keeping with the increasingly popular trend of remote work, we now have over 50 remote FlyMates (Flywire employees) working all over the world.

How does Flywire benefit?

Remote positions open Flywire up to a wealth of exciting and rich business opportunities and enrich the company culture.

  1. Access a larger talent pool
    Having remote FlyMates allows us to expand our talent pool to those who live outside the proximity of our offices and bring in different perspectives and experiences for the company to draw upon. Uprooting your life to move for work is a big decision, and remote positions let people be a part of Flywire while keeping the consistency they need in their lives.
  2. Expand more easily into new markets
    We are also able to develop in new regions more easily through our remote FlyMates. As Payment Manager-LATAM it makes sense for me to be present in the region in order to provide support when needed and also to maintain the relationship with them. To him, "As Payment Manager-LATAM it makes sense for me to be present in the region in order to provide support when needed and also to maintain the relationship with them."

How do remote FlyMates benefit?

Working remotely allows FlyMates to more easily create the work structure that best suits their day-to-day life.

  1. Gain work-life balance
    Remote work aligns with Flywire’s culture of work-life integration, which many of our FlyMates cited as a big plus to working remotely. Liverpool-based Sales Manager Sarah Hamilton said, “The time I would have spent traveling to and from an office I can spend with my family. This for me is the most important thing. Being a mum of two young children, it means the world to me that I can see them more during daylight hours!”Sales Director John Cartwright is often traveling for work, so he finds working remotely to be a great tradeoff for work travel while also ensuring he has a healthy work-life balance. “It’s easier to manage time with my sons, my home, and other non-work activities after being out of town,” John said.
  2. Adapt a convenient and flexible work style
    For Sharon Lowe, Flywire’s Senior Solutions Consultant based in Melbourne, Australia, being a remote FlyMate complements her work style. “I find I am more efficient when I work from home. I can concentrate and there are no distractions,” Sharon said. “Seeing that Flywire is a global organisation and I am often on calls late at night or first thing in the morning, the job requires me to be flexible with my hours. Working from home makes it easier.”Alex Gardner, Sr. Director, Client Success, finds working remotely to be convenient on multiple levels, from being able to wear more relaxed attire to being able to fit in a quick workout in her basement gym between meetings. Alex explained, “I’m able to support other time zones more easily than I would in the office, as I am usually working from the same place and I am able to be very productive as I can carve out time where there aren’t any distractions.”

By bringing in strong talent regardless of location, Flywire is able to scale quickly, expand into more markets, and allow FlyMates to create and follow the work style that best fits their unique needs.