Report: The secret weapon for attracting and retaining international customers

460+ international businesses weighed in on why B2B cross-border payment processes matter. Here’s what they said and what you can do about it.

70% of companies buying from international vendors have stopped doing business with them because of a cross-border B2B payment experience, according to 460+ AP professionals surveyed.

When you look at that stat through that lens of your customer viewing an invoice, it becomes clear why. The AP professionals surveyed said dealing with FX complexity holds back their company’s growth, introduces delays and problems in paying invoices to key partners that strain internal relationships with coworkers, and just makes it hard for them to do their job properly.

Flywire commissioned the independent survey across three countries each in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa - sampling some of the fastest growing regions in the world. We learned that the B2B payment experience impacts customer experience, that there is a clear business advantage to improving it and that customers would welcome a change.

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