Three reasons education institutions partner with Flywire

Since 2011, education institutions around the world have trusted Flywire to deliver their students’ tuition payments quickly, easily, and securely. While solving payment challenges is a major part of what we do, it’s not the only reason why our partners choose to work with us. Here are just a few of the ways we deliver value to education institutions and students:

1. Making education accessible for more students

Institutions understand that it’s challenging for students to make tuition payments. At Flywire, we solve these challenges to make education more accessible for millions of students around the world. Chinese students are one example of a large international student population that benefits when education institutions partner with us.

As recently as a decade or so ago, the ability for Chinese students to leave their home country and pursue an education in places like the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and even Japan, was an experience reserved only for the very wealthy. Since then, the demand for higher education overseas has increased, but the emerging middle class continues to face challenges facilitating payments to their college or university.

At Flywire, we help relieve the costs associated with making education payments from China and most other countries around the world. We also make the process easier and more transparent, all while enabling students worldwide to make tuition payments in their local currencies and with familiar payment methods. Explore our interactive map to see how payers around the globe experience the difference with Flywire.

2. Eliminating safety and security risks

At institutions without a solution like Flywire, international students may travel with large amounts of cash and deliver their payments in person. This can put them in danger of being robbed or assaulted. The institutions we work with are committed to protecting their students by enabling them to make payments from the safety of their own dorms or wherever they’re located around the world.

Flywire also informs students and families about ways to protect themselves against current fraud and security risks. As new scams emerge, our experts provide tips and advice that keep students and their families safe.

3. Reducing staff workload

International Student Offices are the main resource for international students on campus. The advisors in these offices need to have a basic knowledge of everything that affects international students, and students often have questions about money and payments. At Flywire, we team with International Student Offices by providing a seamless payment experience that enables them to focus on helping students get the most out of their education experience. We solve students’ payment challenges and provide them with a resource for their payment questions, which allows on-campus advisors to do their jobs more effectively.

By combining solution innovation and our proven global payment network with industry experience, Flywire is the Trusted Choice for millions of students and thousands of institutions, agents, and partners worldwide.

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