[Video Testimonial] EIC Education partners with Flywire for seamless payments and dedicated Agent support

As one of the largest education companies in China, EIC Education is a leading force in China's education landscape, facilitating seamless study abroad experiences for thousands of students. Learn how they use Flywire to provide safe, secure, and convenient payment options to their students while also receiving dedicated agent assistance from Flywires on ground support teams.

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We chose Flywire as our partner in 2020 because of their unique support that they offer to our counselors and staff. Flywire has a China based support team that not only helps our students but our counselors with any payment enquiries, which makes it easier for EIC to focus on student recruitment. The Flywire Agent Platform also allows us to track and assist with payments, giving our teams more visibility. Through our partnership, we give our students safer, more secure and easier payment options to help them on their journey.

Bei GuoSenior Vice President, EIC Education
Senior Vice President, EIC Education

At Flywire, the equation for success is simple:

Streamlined Payment Solutions + Enhanced Service = Thriving Student Community

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