Expectations vs Reality: a Remote Internship

During COVID-19 there have been many huge adjustments- especially working conditions. Read how Ashley was able to successfully engage, contribute, and learn throughout my internship at Flywire.

I am currently sitting in my "office" which consists of my couch and a coffee table writing this post about my virtual internship at Flywire. Looks a little different than you were expecting, right? Well, this is quarantine.

What I expected from working for Flywire was a calm walk to work on a warm Boston summer morning, entering the ever so modern building and sitting down at a desk with tasks ready for me to go. However, in today's world that scenario is not realistic.

But, I am not here to tell you how to quarantine - I am here to tell you what working for Flywire (during the COVID-19 pandemic) is like…

To get the easiest part out of the way, every (and I mean every) FlyMate I have interacted with was so incredibly genuine. As a high-growth company, every FlyMate is rooting for each other and striving towards the singular goal of building the business. When coming into a FinTech company I did not think I would meet such bubbly, talkative, and personable people. FlyMates like to have as much fun as anyone out there (I have heard some amazing stories about the company trips).

Expectations vs Reality: a Remote Internship

As an intern I was expecting to pick up the "scrappy" work, but instead I have been able to work on some of the most exciting projects that normally an intern would not get to take part of. There is no hierarchy at Flywire. Even though I have not graduated college yet, my fellow FlyMates still hear my voice, listen, and allow me to contribute. Some of my most rewarding experiences have been seeing my ideas on client meetings, brainstorming brand awareness, and the intern final project.

The intern final project was not only rewarding, but exciting to present to the whole company! The four other interns and I pitched what we think the future of work will look like. We presented a hybrid model to explain how we can improve working conditions not only due to COVID-19, but taking in account a futuristic approach.

To those who are interested in working for Flywire - apply! To those who want to work with Flywire - know you will be involved with an incredible group of hardworking professionals. Finally, to all of the FlyMates out there- thank you for an unbelievable opportunity and taking the chance on me.