Flywire is on Instagram

Flywire’s Talent Acquisition team has discovered a trend regarding candidates interviewing to become FlyMates (Flywire employees). According to Manager of Global Talent Operations, Alexandra Linares, “Candidates often become noticeably more interested in Flywire and more deeply invested in the hiring process after they come onsite to experience our offices and culture firsthand.”

Based on this realization, the Talent Acquisition team created @InsideFlywire, an Instagram page that celebrates our company culture and gets prospective FlyMates excited about the company before they even apply for a job.

Alexandra says, “Candidates who understand our collaborative style and global reach tend to reveal their true selves sooner in interviews. The Instagram account allows us to get to that place faster, so we’re able to have more authentic conversations and identify the right fit more efficiently.”

This approach seems to be paying off. At an August hiring event in Boston, several candidates said they had checked out our page and were impressed by how cool and global our company culture is!

Follow us today to get a closer look at what it’s like to be a FlyMate, and find out why you should join us.