Interview tips for potential FlyMates

You think you’ve found your perfect job on Flywire’s careers page! Now what? We want to prepare you for what’s ahead in your candidate journey by providing some helpful interview tips (along with a few pre-interview suggestions).

1. Check if you’re in our referral network.

If you’re interested in an open position at Flywire and you know someone who works here, reach out to them! Last year, twenty percent of our hires were referrals. We trust that our FlyMates want to work with the very best, and in turn, we trust their recommended candidates.

2. Draft a cover letter.

While we don’t require cover letters, it’s a great opportunity to share your story and stand out from other applicants. For example, perhaps you just returned from a year abroad. We value global exposure and would love to hear about your trip!

3. Research your interviewers.

Once your interview is scheduled, do your homework. Look up the FlyMates you’ll be interviewing with—we especially love when we hear a candidate has been checking out our LinkedIn profiles. Doing this little bit of research may help you connect with the interviewer more quickly. Perhaps you and the FlyMate are alumni of the same college!

4. Know the dress code.

It’s important to not just act the part, but dress the part as well! This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to interview in your best pantsuit. Culture often dictates dress code, and this definitely holds true at Flywire! Knowing the dress code means you’ll feel more comfortable during the onsite and shows us you both understand and embrace our culture.

5. Come with your questions.

When you’re in the middle of your interview and fielding questions, remember this: you are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you. Yes, Flywire wants to know if you’re the right candidate for us, but you should be putting just as much thought into whether Flywire is the right company for you. We don’t settle and neither should you.

6. Be authentically enthusiastic.

It only makes sense that when you really love your job, you’ll be motivated to work hard. We want to see your enthusiasm for the position during the interview process, so don’t hold back. On the other hand, if things don’t feel right, we want to hear your concerns. Transparency is key in making the right hire for both sides.

7. Don’t be afraid to open up.

FlyMates are a close-knit group and the first step to becoming part of the Flywire family is opening up. We love when people share about themselves during the interview, because it often lightens the conversation and helps us picture you working alongside us day-to-day.

8. Send thank-you notes.

We always appreciate a good thank you note and the more personalized the better. These notes help ensure we’re on the same page with our candidates and often validate our hiring decisions.

Wherever you are in your job search journey, we hope these tips can help you along the way and maybe even give you that edge. Best of luck!