San Diego Geo-Cluster gives back to their local community

Flywire has always had an active role in giving back to our communities and supporting employees with social, charitable, and volunteering programs. In the past, we have even organized and funded many charitable events including our annual trip with School the World.

Our leadership team encourages all FlyMates to truly evaluate their own desire to have impact in the world, how they lead their day-to-day life, how they treat others, and whether there are ways that they can contribute to improving their country, community and themselves. With that in mind, at Flywire we provide our employees with two paid days of time off per year, FlyBetter Days, to dedicate their time to a social cause they care about.

As a hybrid workforce, it’s important for us to make sure remote FlyMates and those in the office have similar experiences which led our global People Team to create Geo-Clusters. Geo-clusters are areas where four or more FlyMates live within an hour’s travel of each other, but are not within commutable reach of an office. These localized FlyMate communities, and the connections, support networks and friendships they provide, help our remote FlyMates feel less "remote" and more engaged.

We caught up with our San Diego Geo-Cluster who recently organized a group FlyBetter Day! Here’s what they had to say about the experience!

What was your favorite aspect of collaborating with others during your volunteering experience?

“My favorite aspect of meeting up with my Geo-Cluster to volunteer was connecting over a common goal. It always feels good to give back, and it was especially rewarding to make a positive impact on our community while building relationships with my fellow FlyMates!” -Madi Mariano, Senior People Operations Specialist

“Having the opportunity to step away from the computer and collaborate with my colleagues in a different environment was super refreshing! It definitely makes you realize that even the smallest tasks can have big impacts when you work together as a team (with a good playlist in the background of course!). :)” -Allison Trent, Business Intelligence Analyst

“Bonding with FlyMates and helping the community.” -Rachel Marin, Senior US Product & Regulatory Counsel

San Diego FlyMates giving back

In what ways did the in-person volunteering event contribute to building connections with your remote colleagues?

“It was fun to have a day dedicated to giving back and connecting with others in my area! Having the opportunity to spend the day together really helped me to get to know the other FlyMates better and I feel like I am truly part of a local team! I am grateful that Flywire supports FlyMates in building connections and volunteering.” -Madi Mariano

“The volunteering event allowed me to build connections with colleagues that I don't have the chance to work with as much day to day. As someone new to Flywire, it adds a more holistic view to the business which I appreciate!” -Allison Trent

“We strengthened our connection by getting to know one another better and bonded through learning more about our community.” -Rachel Marin

Any interesting surprises or funny moments from meeting in person that you didn't expect?

“We had fun connecting over local places to visit in the San Diego area and upcoming concerts!” -Madi Mariano

“I loved seeing the pictures of Stacy's work from home buddies (roosters!)” -Allison Trent

“While preparing food for isolated adults, learned interesting local travel recommendations and about a FlyMate's roosters!” -Rachel Marin

We also connected with Loonin Family Kitchen on the impact of the volunteering day.

Flywire: Can you share how the volunteers from Flywire helped to make an impact today?

Loonin Family Kitchen: “The volunteers from Flywire helped prepare and package meals for older adults in the community. We prepare about 1,500 healthy meals under the guidance of our registered dietician. When we deliver these meals, not only do we provide nutrition to these folks, but we’re a friendly face and someone who can check in on these seniors. Sometimes we may be the only person they interact with that day, so we’re another set of eyes to check on their well-being, and a friendly face to bring some company to them. They may also express their need for other services, and we can connect them to other JFS services to help them.”

Flywire: How do you believe our volunteer efforts align with the mission and values of JFS?

Loonin Family Kitchen: “At JFS, our Guiding Values are Justice, Healing, Acts of Loving Kindness, Community, Repairing the World, and Hope. Volunteering aligns with each of these values because volunteers are taking the time to uplift the community. These efforts inspire hope in our community, ultimately are a step towards healing and repairing the world.”

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