School the World Trip 2023

Flywire has long been committed to giving back to the communities we serve. Whether through our Foundation, charitable giving, or volunteerism, we’re better when we put others first.

We caught up with our FlyMates who attended our annual School the World trip in 2023 to get a firsthand look at what this experience was like for them.

What’s your favorite memory from the trip?

“Seeing the smiles of the children on the last day when they were let loose on the playground equipment we had painted.” -Mike Green, Client Success Training Manager, UK

“Meeting with FlyMates around the world and spending time working with my hands for the week..” -Kayley Allen, Experience Manager, Boston

“Working with an amazing team to help build something meaningful for the future of the children in the community. Insightful conversations in the van with the team. Getting to know people from around the world.” -Andrea Miralles, Payment Experience, Spain

“My favorite memory from the trip is making tortillas with the families.” -Michelle Rodriguez, Payment Operations Associate, CMT Payouts, Boston

What did you learn from this trip? What did you learn about your fellow FlyMates?

“We had a diverse group from different backgrounds and everyone has something unique and interesting they can bring to the mix and also that we can achieve a lot by working as a team.” -Mike Green, Client Success Training Manager, UK

“Being out of my own world and the amazing conversations and experiences we shared together as a team. To give all I have to the community. Learning different life perspectives from my team." -Andrea Miralles, Payment Experience, Spain

“I absolutely loved getting to know FlyMates from around the world that I possibly would not have met otherwise. We spent a lot of time disconnected from the internet and our phones and focused on sharing our beliefs and interests with one another. It was truly a lovely and eye opening experience.” -Michelle Rodriguez, Payment Operations Associate, CMT Payouts, Boston

What was most impactful about this trip? Share that moment.

“You do wonder how impactful your contribution will be over the course of just a few days, but at the end it was good to reflect at just what we had achieved and feel the appreciation from the community. Every effort, however small, will contribute to a meaningful overall outcome.” -Mike Green, Client Success Training Manager, UK

“Seeing how people lived in the community with so little. Dogs of the community being so loyal and accompanying little children the whole day.” -Andrea Miralles, Payment Experience, Spain

“The most impactful part about this trip was seeing the faces of all the families and children once the school was complete and the playground was set up. Seeing how people from the community worked overnight to help us finish the school on time.” -Michelle Rodriguez, Payment Operations Associate, CMT Payouts, Boston

Photos from the School the World Trip 2023

What’s the one thing you want other FlyMates to know about the trip?

“If you're wondering about applying, go for it! You won't find a more rewarding way to spend a week.” -Mike Green, Client Success Training Manager, UK

“It's a lot of physical and mental work, but one of the best things I've ever done!” -Kayley Allen, Experience Manager, Boston

“It will change your life for the better. You will work hard.” -Andrea Miralles, Payment Experience, Spain

“It is 100% worth it. Sometimes getting out of our day to day and seeing how others live changes our perspectives on life.” -Michelle Rodriguez, Payment Operations Associate, CMT Payouts, Boston

Did this opportunity impact your feelings about working for Flywire?

”This was the best opportunity to truly experience the global nature of Flywire: a week of shared experiences with FlyMates from across the globe on a continent I had not visited before!” -Mike Green, Client Success Training Manager, UK

“It made me proud to be a FlyMate- everyone should have to do this!” -Kayley Allen, Experience Manager, Boston

“I am extremely grateful to Flywire for allowing me to experience School the World and meet my fellow FlyMates. It was one of my favorite moments I've ever had and I will cherish it forever.” Michelle Rodriguez, Payment Operations Associate, CMT Payouts, Boston

Anything else you would like to add?

“Thanks so much to Flywire, Kayley and all the people who made this happen. I would love to repeat this experience with the same team. I feel absolutely fortunate for this opportunity.” -Andrea Miralles, Payment Experience, Spain

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