The top qualities Flywire looks for in a prospective candidate

Identifying the right candidate means looking at more than what’s on a resume; they need to be a good cultural add who will be motivated to work hard, be invested in the opportunity, and hit the ground running. Alexandra Linares of our Global Talent Acquisition team shares which qualities can help a candidate rise to the top of the pack.

When thinking back to what helped new FlyMates soar in the company, Alexandra pinpointed a few shared personality traits. “Successful FlyMates not only understand global collaboration and everything that comes with it—they love it. They respect and are interested in other cultures and understand the impact of working across time zones, which is important because we’re such a global company,” said Alexandra. “These FlyMates have had an easy transition into the workplace.”

Another trait the Global Talent Acquisition team champions is flexibility. As a high-growth company, Flywire needs people who can easily adapt and evolve to new or changing situations. Priorities can shift quickly, and the team is looking for people who welcome this challenge!

Flywire also looks for people who embrace learning and continuous improvement. “FlyMates are provided with opportunities to develop new skills and take on new challenges,” Alexandra said. “Our hope is that FlyMates are motivated by these opportunities and can grow alongside the company.”

Authenticity is also important because it builds trust among FlyMates. Alexandra elaborated, “We want people who are themselves 100% of the time. It’s important to find candidates who are ‘real,’ meaning during the interview, they act the way they normally do in an everyday setting. We don’t want to see someone whose personality changes from interview to interview. This authenticity encourages others to relax and be themselves as well.”

Beyond being authentic, knowing how to successfully communicate that is key. During the screening process of an interview, Alexandra often asks candidates to give a quick overview of their background. This provides the interviewees with a chance to show how well they know themselves, that they can clearly articulate their experience, and that they can open up and share about themselves with others. It’s also a great segue into knowing more about what the candidate wants in their career. She explained, “We want FlyMates to find fulfillment in their roles, and this helps us understand what truly motivates them.”

Last but not least, the Global Talent Acquisition team is looking for people who truly want to be here. “I like to ask ‘Why Flywire?’ From the candidate’s answer, you can tell if the person is just looking for ‘a’ job, or if they feel this is the company for them,” Alexandra said. “Those who feel a connection are here because they want to be. They’re motivated to work hard and want to stay on this journey with us. If someone is excited for their work, it can be infectious—that excitement is something we have now and something we strive to maintain.”

Do you have these traits? Can you see yourself as a FlyMate? Check out our [Careers page]( to see if any openings are available that suit your experience.