10 ways to make the most of your Flywire internship

You’ve done it! You applied for an internship at Flywire, aced the interview process, and received an offer from our People team… So what’s next?

Use this list of tips to make the most of your time at Flywire.

  1. Get connected
    Stay up to date on Flywire’s thought leaders, events, and company updates by following our social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (#InsideFlywire). Then, get involved by sharing posts from Flywire to show off the company you’re interning with. We encourage you build your LinkedIn network by connecting with anyone you work with at Flywire.
  2. Take initiative
    Reach out to the other FlyMates (Flywire employees) on your team to find out how you can contribute beyond your assigned projects. Our internship program is intentionally structured in a way that empowers you to get what you want out of the experience.
  3. Collaborate globally
    Embrace our truly global company culture by joining an early morning call with the team in London or a hopping on a late night meeting with someone in Singapore. Take advantage of your time here and get to know your fellow FlyMates from around the world and experience their unique perspectives.
  4. Be a fly on the wall
    Flywire has departmental training sessions, intern-specific learning sessions, and other business-specific presentations on topics like foreign exchange, blockchain, credit cards, etc. Attend these sessions to gain a better understanding of Flywire, the FinTech industry, and the projects your fellow FlyMates are working on!
  5. Get your slack on
    Slack is one of the most important tools FlyMates use to keep connected. It’s a direct-messaging app that allows for communication with individuals or groups in topic-specific channels. Ask FlyMates about their favorite channels and join. Chances are, you’ll wind up in our #pets, #travelfun, and maybe even #star-wars channels. Slack is a big part of Flywire’s culture, and we love when our interns contribute to it.
  6. Grab a coffee
    We want our interns to get to know as many people as possible while they’re with us. You’re encouraged to meet up with fellow FlyMates outside of the office over coffee or lunch! Try connecting with people who aren’t in your department (or even your office), so you learn as much as possible while you’re here.
  7. Switch up your scenery
    FlyMates aren’t chained to their desks all day! Our Flywire offices have several options when it comes to places to get your work done, including the standing desks in the Boston office, the bean bags in Singapore, the hammocks in Cluj, the patio in Spain, and the couches in London—so feel free to mix things up and work where you’re most comfortable. The possibilities are endless!
  8. Socialize
    From FinTech meetups and awards ceremonies to trivia nights or dinner down the street, FlyMates are constantly attending events after work. Our interns are always welcome to join in the fun. And if you need to blow off some steam during the workday, challenge your deskmate to a game of foosball or ping pong. Are video games more your thing? Get into our FIFA game on a Friday afternoon.
  9. Dress the part
    There is no formal dress code at Flywire. We’re generally pretty casual, and we want you to be comfortable. So, show off your personal sense of style! Just know that we love it when FlyMates wear their Flywire swag around the office!
  10. Your opinion matters
    Our offices have open floor plans that reflect our open-door culture. Have a suggestion? Share it. And don’t be afraid to participate in discussions in Slack channels, polls, or meetings. Your perspective matters to us, and we want to hear everyone’s voice and ideas.

Applications for our 2019 Global Internship Program will be available on our careers page starting in January.