Stay ahead of the Accounts Receivable shift happening in the B2B technology industry

For even the most innovative tech companies, Accounts Receivable (A/R) optimization has been an afterthought. A/R is usually fragmented, time-consuming and still requires manual work on the part of the receivables team and the payer. But that’s changing fast.

B2B customers want a consumer-grade payments experience. Your team wants a single source of the truth.

Flywire for B2B is a user-friendly, all-in-one A/R solution that helps your business build customer loyalty and gain the visibility and efficiency to grow quickly, confidently, and predictably towards your future exit and beyond.

Business Tech Benefits

Why your customers demand an all-in-one A/R experience

Easy to use, modern payment experience
Familiar local currency payment options
Competitive exchange rates
Quick and simple onboarding
Around-the-clock multi-lingual payment support

Empower your finance team with purpose-built software

We provide a one-stop-shop for global receivables, from invoicing, to receiving, to reconciliation and settlement, including flexible payment options and competitive exchange rates.

Implement best-in-class A/R processes

You can use Flywire for B2B as a standalone invoicing and reconciliation tool, to deliver exceptional payment experiences and drive best-in-class A/R processes. This includes support for managing subscription billing and recurring payments.

Integrate your existing ERP system

Flywire works seamlessly with your ERP system and workflows, including NetSuite, to mask complexity in managing global receivables and deliver a payment experience that meets customer expectations.

Make global expansion easy

A tech sales team should be able to sell to an international customer base without having to worry about how your company gets paid. Plug into Flywire’s local-in, local-out global payment network to collect from 200+ countries in 140+ currencies.

Rein in your spreadsheets and turn on real-time receivables tracking

In addition to connecting to your ERP, Flywire’s dashboard lets you view payment statuses, disbursements, and other reports in one place --providing real-time visibility and business insights into your global receivables.

Access an on-demand team of global payments experts

Rest easy knowing that Flywire’s global payment team is continuously evaluating emerging payment methods in each market, tracking changes in regulations, and negotiating new payment relationships on your behalf.

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