Better manage and track student information to speed enrollment

Flywire’s agent solutions aid the enrollment and payment process for students and families. Send payment requests, track their secure delivery to institutions in real time, and provide support for other international study requirements, such as insurance and GIC payments.

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Our agent solutions better connect education agents, institutions and students worldwide, enabling you to:

Centralize student information to easily store, manage, import and export data
Send payment requests or referral links to one or multiple students to encourage timely payment
Track and deliver payments securely and quickly to thousands of institutions to ensure enrollment and accommodation
Have peace of mind with dedicated in-country agent support and around-the-clock multilingual payer support via email, phone or live chat
Support the unique needs of students around the world, including Canadian GIC payments for Indian students and insurance for students studying in Australia or New Zealand
Decrease turnaround times by submitting and managing quality applications to multiple StudyLink partner institutions via one portal and one login

Ease the complexities of securing enrollment for international students

Consolidated agent dashboard

Easily manage student information, remind students when payments are due, keep tabs on payments made to institutions through our network, download receipts, and track refunds made by institutions. By centralizing student data in one place, Flywire’s Agent Platform enables you to easily store, manage, import and export data in a single platform. You also have the ability to set up multiple agent accounts that can be viewed and managed by a designated multi-administrative user.

Secure and swift payment processing

Offer your students flexible payment options from 240+ countries and territories, in more than 140 currencies including a variety of local payment methods from bank transfers, credit cards, to e-wallets and more. Flywire’s global payment network provides access to competitive exchange rates protecting students from unnecessary costs, and our approach to offering local currency payment options ensures institutions receive payments in full, reducing unidentified and short-balance transactions.

Canadian GIC payments for students from India

With our innovative Agent Platform, conveniently manage GIC payments and view funding statuses in a centralized dashboard. In addition, send emails to students with payment requests and easily follow up with reminders. A fully online experience for you and your students—including digital LRS documentation and clear collection of TCS and GST for easy tax calculations—ensures GIC payments are settled quickly and securely.

Best-in-class international student insurance

Assist students studying in Australia or New Zealand with a portal to compare, purchase and manage insurance policies. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to choose between embedding, integrating or sending quotes directly to your students, and our comprehensive insurance platform is the only place where you can access all six Australian government-approved OSHC insurance providers to compare costs. Students utilizing our insurance platform save, on average, up to $300 per policy and receive their insurance confirmation certificate within minutes.

Simplified student application submission and management

Access multiple StudyLink partner institutions through one portal and one login. The StudyLink Partner Portal makes it easy and transparent for agents to submit quality applications and track the progress of an application through the entire assessment journey, including online acceptance and payment.

Accept, pay and track via a one-stop-shop agent experience

Our Accept & Pay solution offers agents and institutions a powerful and integrated experience that provides faster acceptance processing, real-time payment tracking and a safer, more secure acceptance process.

  • We found Flywire to be the safest and easiest method of payment for our students. The Agent Platform helps us offer tuition payment services fast and securely, making sure the institution receives the full amount. We are very confident to promote Flywire to our channels because we trust the company and are able to bring the best service to our clients.

    Annalink OHSC-Students
  • We chose Flywire as our partner in 2020 because of their unique support that they offer to our counselors and staff. Flywire has a China based support team that not only helps our students but our counselors with any payment enquiries, which makes it easier for EIC to focus on student recruitment.

    EIC Education
  • With Flywire, international payments are easier, faster, more transparent and cost effective for payers. For us, the ability to track and manage student payments means we are able to provide students better support and guidance throughout the entire payment process.

    Salve Maria

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