Flywire celebrates Environmental Awareness Month

At Flywire, we are all about making a positive impact, not just in the payments space, but also the world we all live in. So, when April rolled around, and in celebration of Earth Day; our global experience team got planning and executed on our Environmental Awareness Month!

During this month, we brought together folks from all corners of the organization to talk about and show the world that we’re more than just a business - we're a force of good! By rallying our team around environmental causes, we continued building a real sense of community and reminding everyone that every action counts.

From educational sessions to regionalized FlyBetter Days, we were all about spreading the eco-love and making a tangible difference, both inside Flywire and out in the world. So what did we get up to in April? Find out below how we became a little greener last month, something that aligns with our core values of responsibility, innovation and teamwork.

Educational Sessions & Flybetter Days

London, UK

In London FlyMates took their FlyBetter days, rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in for a day of community volunteering organised by the London Wildlife Trust. Split into three teams they were busy clearing paths from invasive plants, repairing fallen and damaged retaining walls and steps and building a bug hotel for majestic stag beetles. 9 Flymates used the day to take part in this initiative and some have already asked when they could take part in the next.

Boston/Chicago, USA

For our FlyBetter Day in Boston, FlyMates visited one of our favorite local spots- Codman Community Farm in Lincoln, Massachusetts! This was Flywire’s third group visit to the farm, and it just gets better every time. We’ve had the opportunity to watch the farm grow and evolve over the years, and have a helping hand in making the space bloom into what it is today.

FlyMates spent the morning planting edible flowers, perennials and plants to help their new tomato greenhouse flourish, and got our hands dirty in the afternoon laying down fresh mulch and manure in their fields. It was a day full of hard but rewarding work, and we’re looking forward to our next visit at the farm!

There was a theme in the US for our community FlyBetter Days, and our FlyMates who in Deerfield, IL also spent a day at the historic Wagner Farm in Glenview, Illinois. They enjoyed the day cleaning out fields for the upcoming crops, and helping the farm get ready for their 2024 season. The highlight of their day was meeting a 2-week old calf named Maple! This was Flywire's first time at the farm, but we’ll be back again soon to check on the field's progress and see how Maple is growing!

Brisbane/Adelaide, Australia

At our Australian offices, our FlyMates decided that their focus was going to be on Zero Food Waste, and chose to take part in OzHarvest’s “Cooking for a Cause” sessions. These food sessions were not only educational about zero food waste in general and the impact it has on our planet; but the meals that the employees prepared were delivered straight to the communities that need it the most. We had 23 FlyMates take a FlyBetter day to take part in this initiative, with others asking to organize another date in the future!

FlyMates during Environmental Awareness Month in Australia


Singapore FlyMates came together for a FlyBetter Day at one of the city's largest urban parks spanning across 62 hectares. Together, we diligently cleared litter and had the wonderful opportunity to appreciate the park's diverse wildlife and greenery. It was a meaningful and fulfilling day playing our part in caring for the environment.

Valencia, Spain

42 FlyMates in Valencia recently joined forces with the Biodegradables NGO for a meaningful day at Port Saplaya - beach cleaning. With a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, we dedicated ourselves to the task, not only clearing litter from the shoreline but also learning invaluable lessons along the way. Together, we discovered the importance of categorizing the items we found and discerning what should remain on the beaches, contributing to the preservation of these precious coastal ecosystems. Per total, we have gathered 69 kg of items that do not belong to the beach environment. It was a day filled with both impactful action and enlightening education, reinforcing our dedication to sustainability and community engagement.

FlyMates during Environmental Awareness Month in Spain