How to land a job at Flywire

Ready to trade your job for a journey? In this blog I will take you through all the steps to landing a job at Flywire!

What do we look for in a candidate?

The qualities of an ideal candidate include those of our six core values that define how FlyMates interact with each other, and how we do business. The two that are really important to us during the interview process are global collaboration and ambitious innovation. For global collaboration, we want candidates who are excited by the idea of making a global impact, and working with FlyMates and clients around the world. The global aspect is a key element of our culture and business at Flywire. For ambitious innovation, we want every new FlyMate to make us better than we were before. Each new hire should elevate our teams and departments. We want people who want to make an impact, bring new ideas to the table, and take Flywire to the next level.

What is Flywire's interview process like?

Our general interview process is usually four to five steps. It is a bit longer than the average interview process, but we do this intentionally because we believe hiring is a two way street. We want to ensure we give both our candidates and our hiring teams enough time to get to know each other so both parties can feel confident that this is the right fit. We want to ensure we are setting the new team member up for success. Within those steps you can expect to meet with members of the talent acquisition team, the hiring manager, one of your peers on the team, and then you complete a skills assessment. Lastly you would then meet with the head of the department or an executive team member.

How can you stand out during the interview process at Flywire?

I have found that candidates who stand out are really the ones that do their homework on Flywire prior to the interview process. Not only does this impress us, but when we start interviewing, we're able to start at a deeper level of knowledge and provide further insight on the team you would be joining. This allows us to find out much faster if it is a perfect match. And usually the candidates that have done their research have already determined that Flywire is the right fit for them. So if you're reading this blog, you're already doing amazing research!

Why should you join Flywire?

It's always a good time to join Flywire! Right now we have a lot of momentum behind us as a business. It has been over a year since we became a publicly traded company. And we feel we are still just scratching the surface of what we can do. Last year we were named one of the Top Places to Work by the Boston Globe, as well as Fortune Magazine and Inc. Magazine. We are continuously recognized for our global culture. If this sounds exciting to you, trade your job for a journey and become a FlyMate.

Trade your job for a journey