Job interview mistakes to avoid

During a job interview, knowing the right things to do or say is important, but it’s only half the battle. Beyond the basics of dressing accordingly and showing up on time (consider doing a dry run of the commute to gauge the timing!), it’s also important to know what **not** to do. Our Global Talent Acquisition team shares a few pointers on interview mistakes that can lose you the job.

Not researching the company

When you’ve done your research, it’ll be clear to your interviewers that you not only have a basic understanding of the business, but you’re prepared and invested in the opportunity. Take the time to learn what we’re all about by browsing our website, press releases, and [Currentcy]( Once you’ve done that, test yourself by seeing if you can clearly explain what we do to someone else.

Turning in a mediocre interview assignment

Because certain skills are difficult to assess through resumes and interviews alone, we’ll often assign candidates “homework.” The assignment doesn’t just showcase your skills, it allows you to display your ability to follow directions as well as your commitment to the interview process. Turning in the bare minimum leaves the impression that you don’t put real effort into your work. Tip: If you have any questions about the assignment, never hesitate to reach out for clarification!

Being unprepared for remote interviews

We rely heavily on videoconferencing to connect with FlyMates all over the world, including for interviews. The majority of our candidates interview over videoconference at some point in the interview process so be sure you’re familiar with the tool and comfortable communicating this way. Don’t let technology stop you from presenting your best self.

Trash talking previous employers

Sure, you’re leaving your employer for a reason, but it’s never a good idea to badmouth them. This reflects poorly you and leaves the interviewer to wonder if you’ll one day be saying the same things about us. Instead, try to highlight what you gained from the previous job, even if it was mostly an exercise in learning what type of work environment doesn’t work for you. You can be truthful and tactful. This shows you’re committed to growing and moving forward rather than dwelling on negative experiences.

Giving generic responses

[Authenticity is important to us]( (it’s even one of our company values), and if we’re interviewing you, it’s because we’re interested in you. Don’t make the mistake of only giving correct-but-insincere answers during your interview, as interviewers may end up feeling they didn’t get a glimpse of the real you. Instead share your experience through meaningful, detailed responses. We love when a candidate digs into a question with their answers and lets themself shine through, quirks and all!

Losing focus

Your interview schedule can often consist of several back-to-back meetings, each with a new FlyMate. It’ll test your mental stamina and focus, as it should! But if you feel yourself and your answers going on autopilot, look for an opportunity to break and refocus. You’ll only have a limited amount of time with each person so make that time count.

Interviewing for a new job is a big commitment and while interviews themselves can be nerve-racking, you’ll often find the more prepared you are, the easier they’ll be. Our best piece of advice: put in the work and be your authentic self. That’s all any prospective employer can ask for.