The Flywire Challenge winners announced

Launched in April in partnership with the SP Jain Global School of Management, The Flywire Challenge was a startup competition held in Singapore for students and graduates. Students everywhere were invited to compete for one of three awards in education technology, health technology, and travel technology.

The final competitors all presented well-thought-out solutions, but three winners emerged. For the education technology category, the judges selected FlyEz, a payments portal website created for exchange students. The solution took into account the fact that exchange students have specific needs, such as short-term accommodations and flights. FlyEz aggregates options for these students and allows payment through a Flywire portal.

For the health technology category, AutoClam was declared the winner. AutoClam automated claims management for hospitals and incorporated Flywire’s global collections solutions that were geared toward Indian hospitals with international patients.

The winner of the travel tech category was UniFly, a solution that utilizes a tiered rewards system. The more payments a payer makes with Flywire, the more points they earn. Payers can then redeem these points for exclusive rewards. UniFly would thus operate as an extension of the Flywire payments portal, opening the avenue for affiliate marketing strategies and leveraging potential business partners to sign with Flywire.

Being an entrant for the Challenge proved eye-opening for the contestants. “I really learned how Flywire works and appreciate it even more now. It’s not just a payments partner or a money changer—it’s a problem solver for a problem you didn’t even know was there,” said Amanda Yang, the creator of UniFly. “Flywire has to jump through all these hoops to deliver great service, and I think the secret to the company’s success is perseverance and the company’s commitment to its products.”