Women of Flywire ERG Celebrates International Women’s Day 2024

Honoring International Women’s Day, the incredible women at Flywire share their proudest moments as women.

In honor of International Women’s Day 2024, we wanted to feature some of the incredible women that work at Flywire. We decided to ask, “What has been your proudest moment as a woman?”

To follow you can find their answers. Please enjoy!

“I fought for the career path that I knew was right for me. After spending 2 years in a Relationship Management role at Flywire, I knew I was ready to take on a new challenge. Career progression is very important to me. So when I saw an opportunity to move into a role which utilised my existing skill set, whilst giving me the opportunity to grow and develop, nothing was getting in my way! I am extremely proud that I was successful in my application for the Payables Manager role and am learning every day from an incredible female leader.” -Alysha Ayres, Payables Manager, Working from the UK

“My proudest moment as a woman was obtaining my bachelor's and master's degrees without any family financial support. I worked my way through school in order to achieve these degrees, and worked on my master's while raising my son. It may have taken me quite a few years to get my master's, but I did it with resilience and perseverance. These degrees have provided a wealth of opportunities for me that I could not have imagined as a child. I hope all girls (and kids in general!) have access to a strong education and support in order to achieve their dreams.” -Brittni Bragg, Partner Success Manager, EDU Aid and Funding, Working from Boston, MA

“Becoming a working mom! The ability to balance my career and continue to grow professionally, while also raising my son has made me extremely proud to be a woman. I wear multiple hats everyday and am able to do so due to the amazing support system I have at work and in my personal life.” -Meg Vasconcelos, Lead TA Partner, GTM, Working from MA

“Some of my proudest moments have been mentoring other women and helping them develop into leadership roles. I've had some pretty amazing women mentors myself throughout my career and I am passionate about doing the same for others.” -Allison MacLeod, CMO, Working from Boston, MA

“I am proud that my two daughters are seeing that you don't need to change who you are to be successful in your life. When you are confident in who you are, you will do your best work by allowing your strengths to shape the way you approach both work and life - whether that be as a leader, an individual contributor, a wife, mother, daughter or friend. I want them to know that being both authentic and genuine, and having integrity are more important than fitting someone else's ideal mold.” -Amy Sabiston, Director of Client Development, Working from Canada

“My proudest moment was moving into my first apartment on my own! I've now been living alone for over 3 years and I'm so proud to be able to support myself. If you told me 5-10 years ago I would live in a studio apartment, alone, in Downtown Boston I would've said HOW?! It's very cool to see the growth within myself.” -Samantha Mackowitz, Social Media Manager, Working from Boston, MA

“One of my proudest moments as a woman was being accepted into a thirteen person international graduate school program that has not only allowed me to build a successful career in what is considered a generally male dominated industry, but has also provided me with a unique skillset to be successful in my field. Moving abroad and figuring out how to juggle grad school with a full time job not only helped me to learn to prioritize my workload, but also enabled me to define a healthy work-life balance and better understand how to set boundaries for myself as a woman, but also a working professional, friend, and daughter. Thanks to this experience, I am much more confident in myself and my abilities to support my team and my company!” -Caroline Broms, Demand Generation Manager, Working from Boston, MA

“Navigating being the best Step Mum I can be, tricky at times although I truly believe I have done a great job so far.” -Lucy Harris Client Experience Specialist, Working from the UK

“My proudest moment as a woman? Picture this: May 26, 2021, the day Flywire went public. Back in 2010, I left a great job to start this venture, juggling it all with two young boys. With my husband's rock-solid support, we faced the challenges head-on.

Standing on the NASDAQ stage, celebrating success, and realizing it was also my youngest son's 17th birthday. Tears welled up – a mix of joy and remembering the tough journey. Surrounded by my family, I felt an incredible sense of pride. It wasn't just about business success; it was about proving that with determination, you can balance a thriving career and a happy family. That moment was about us – the journey we conquered together." -Sharon Butler, Working remotely from Rhode Island

“Watching my daughter grow with the unabashed pride and confidence in herself as a female.” -Alyssa Libeman, Sr. Field Marketing Manager, Americas - EDU, Working from Chicago, IL

“When I was growing up, I felt like society told women to water themselves down so that they wouldn't be "too much." Don't be too loud. Don't be passionate about what you love. Don't be overly invested in what you believe in. In 2023, I felt like there was a shift from "don't be too much and don't love too loud" to "Be loud. Be proud about what you love. And be yourself no matter what!" It was the year of Taylor Swift and Barbie and pink and glitter and to LOVE being a woman loudly, regardless of what others thought of you. 2023 was the year of girlhood and loving women for just being themselves, and it was the proudest I've ever been to be a woman.” -Kayley Allen, Experience Manager, Working from Boston, MA

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