Global insurance payments processes are too complex.

Flywire can help.

Collecting premium payments across a global customer base isn’t easy.

  • Policies are written in one currency, and policyholders prefer to pay in another.
  • New markets are difficult to reach because the insurer cannot provide local payment options.
  • Payment costs can be hidden, and short payments are too common.
  • Bolting together bank accounts, payment gateways and processors is inefficient.

With Flywire, policyholders across 240+ countries can pay online in their preferred currency, using local payment methods. Our global network of banks and payment partners ensures robust payment choice and security for payers, and that your business receives and settles payment in your currency of choice. Our technology integrates with your system of record, to automate and streamline international receivables reconciliation processes.

With Flywire, your business can:

Provide 140+ different currency options, and digital and local payment methods, without introducing FX risk to your business.

Support payments-related questions with around-the-clock, multilingual support for 30+ languages.

Scale payments processing capabilities to places where payments can be challenging to collect, such as China, India, Nepal and countries in Latin America and Africa.

Increase revenue and customer loyalty with an improved payer experience and wider global reach.

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