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Best Practices:
Mitigating International Refund Risk

Steps for more efficient refund processing

The bundle feature in our new dashboard was designed to specifically help clients create multiple refunds from a single file, saving you time and money. Here are a few critical steps that will enable us to more efficiently match and process your refunds:

  1. To speed up refunds, always send the exact amount you initiated from the dashboard.
  2. Always use the Return ID (for single refunds) and the Bundle ID (for bundle refunds) as the remittance reference on your transfer so Flywire can quickly identify your incoming return.
  3. Send the funds to Flywire via electronic transfer as soon as possible after refund initiation to ensure swift payment processing back to the originating account.

Please note that while following the above steps will help us process your refunds, overall processing times may be impacted due to the changing landscape of current events. We would also like to remind you that in order to mitigate fraud and money-laundering risk, all payments received via Flywire must also be refunded to Flywire.

If you have questions or need assistance, simply log into our Help Center for additional resources or contact your Relationship Manager.

How to Bundle Refunds for Multiple Payments