Activate digital delivery for 529 payments to eliminate checks and speed reconciliation!


You’re taking the first step toward going digital by minimizing checks from more than 40 different 529 College Savings Plans.

Please complete the following information to request our standard ACH Authorization Form, which will allow you to activate digital 529 payments to your institution.

Thank you!

What’s Next?

A member of our team will reach out to collect some basic information for your institution. From there, we will email the ACH Authorization Form to you. Once the ACH Authorization Form is submitted (via DocuSign), a member of our team will be in touch and issue a test payment to your institution’s specified bank account. Upon successful receipt of the test payment, your school will be activated for digital payment delivery for thousands of 529 account holders.

Your team will enjoy fewer checks to manually reconcile and appreciate the benefits of a more sustainable, faster, and secure payment method for students and families.